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sudden onset ED
An_258796 posted:
Hi, I've read through a lot of older posts and couldn't find anything quite like mine so I thought I should ask.
About a week ago I teased a girl with 90+ minutes of foreplay but then when we started, I couldn't keep "it" up for more than about 30 seconds at a time. It wasn't completely soft so we kept going and I had a normal orgasm. I thought that it was from stress or a lack of sleep so i was disappointed but didn't worry too much about it. The next morning was the same thing. I lasted longer before the orgasm but was barely hard enough to penetrate even though she had the body of a goddess. For comparison, i briefly dated a less attractive and very chubby girl before who i had no troubles with and told me "you last forever."

So my background- I just started a new job that has me working night shift three times per week and has thrown off my sleep schedule (I didn't feel tired before the sex)
-My first couple days working I had morning wood, none since then.
-I watch porn or pleasure myself once a week at the most and without any kinks or fetishes
-I'm in my late 20's, exercise regularly, and am otherwise healthy.
-I have averaged a new partner roughly every four months over the last year and have sex 3-5 times wwith each
-This girl was by far the best looking but I'm comfortable around her and was not at all nervous
-After this, I tried solo in the shower and can get hard but it dies down after 15-20 seconds.

So... does anyone know how or why it went from fully working to dead in +/- three days? Has anyone had similar experiences?
nohard responded:
Hi Could well be the night shift doing this, night work will do that, I know have been there, did 3 shift working inn the UK 6 to 2, 2 till 10 and the 10 till 6 but the last one always throws guys.

And it will throw your sex life.

But one thing is go back to the chubby girl, if your still friends, and see how it goes there.

Ok you may be with a goddess that you feel comfortable around, but this at the back of your mind could be affecting you performance, did she give you oral in foreplay? did you lose it then?

How's your eating pattern and what your eating these will affect your performance, fast foods and junk foods (its the high salt and sugars)along with any meds you may be on, smoking and drinking alcohol, stress, all of these are sex killers chuck in nightwork, spells disaster in the bedroom.

Next time sex is on offer do it at a time your very relaxed and free from most of the above.

Hope something here helps.

Good Luck
jacqui_olliver responded:
What happens after you lose your erection once, is that the ongoing concern about it happening again, actually switches your attention away from the thoughts and feelings that naturally arouse you and cause an erection.

Your conscious mind can only focus on one task at a time, so you are either worrying about your ability to get hard, or you are switching your attention to the physically arousing thoughts and feelings related to sex.

Focus your attention on your partner and how glad you are to be ravishing her - and you will regain your erections.

The other thing is, it is common to lose your erection while giving a partner oral. Remember to switch to how good it feels for you as you are doing this.
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