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Penile Implant
Anon_169441 posted:
3 years ago I had a penile implant that you pump a bulb planted in the scrotum thus causing an expansion device filled with a fluid in the penis. It worked well for about 3 months once I had healed then when I would go to insert for sex my penis could go down. I went back to the surgeon and he pumped up the device then did some squeezing and said he felt the leakage. However along at that same time I had to have two rods implanted in my cervical neck area of 7 vertebrae. This took over a year to get over and then I finally was able to return to the doctor again that did the penile implant. But this time he just pumped up the device and did no squeezing on the penis and said he saw no problem. As long as no pressure is put on the penis it will indeed stay inflated. I told him again how when I tried to insert for sex the penis would go down. He said he did not see a problem and that was that far as he was concerned. So now I have had the surgery over 3 1/2 years ago and still can't enjoy sex with my wife of 45 years. I can't even have a reverse process to have this device removed as I was told this cannot be done so can't return to medications to help create with an erection. I am a male age 72, in good health for my age, and maybe I shouldn't be thinking of have sex any longer in my golden years but sure do miss it. Should I go to another doctor and have him check out this problem or just give up all together?
nohard responded:
Hi Yes get this sorted out somehow, even with a new gyno or the manufacturer of your implant, get in touch and tell them your story and just how your being treated by this doctor/gyno.

Did no one tell you its a one way thing having an implant, there's no reversing it

Look tell your story over on www.franktalk.ogr you just join and post under general discussions, you should find some help there as well.
Good Luck
mispaanan responded:
Dear Friend,
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