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penile discharge while pooping
melsbabe posted:
My husband was taking a bowel movement earlier this evening, and he said that it felt really weird, and couldn't really explain much about it except that when he was pushing, there was some spasming occurring under his ribcage. The part that really scared both of us is that he looked down, and there was some creamy discharge coming from his penis. He was not erect, and hadn't had an erection all day. We are both really worried about it, and I'm scared that something might be wrong with him. Any suggestions, and is this something that sounds more serious than just excess ejaculate from straining too hard? Thank you for your input and time.
tftobin responded:
it's totally normal. a bowel movement can put pressure on the prostate, because of the prostate's location. a little fluid eases out. this happens to most men, or at least many men, but as you can imagine, it doesn't get brought up in conversation a whole lot.
counterso responded:
As tftobin said, this is a common question, but not much of an immediate worry. While it's not "normal" it is common, and usually means that either he's constipated and his bowel movement is too large and presses on his prostate, which produces some fluid, or his prostate is enlarged and getting pressed on by passing bowels.

So, while it's not unusual, it is also a reminder that he should not have to strain (at all) when moving his bowels (or he's constipated), and that it might be time for a prostate check if he isn't constipated.
seancho responded:
well, I have had quite a workup even with a Urologist. This happens to me with any straining in the gut region. On me, Bowel Movements will usually produce a small amount of cloudy white discharge 2-3 times a week. I get constipated often because I do have neuromuscular disease that decreases motility. Sometimes while straining, It will just come out clear and sticky (but not a lot of it) My urine has been tested, blood tests, cystoscopy and cultures and no sign of infection of any kind.

The ONLY abnormality I have in the pelvic region is a CT/ PET detected a focal appearance on my left distal ureter possibly from ureteral peristalsis and maybe even a very small lesion.

I do hate this penile discharge while going #2 VERY MUCH and I wish it would stop. It freaks me out every time!!!!!! I hope this matter gets worked out for your husband. Please be persistant with your Doctor and try to see a urologist to help determine the cause. ONLY let a professional decide this and do not try to self diagnose anything. Especially on the internet!
counterso responded:
Constipation and large bowel movements can press on the prostate as the matter passes and produce a discharge of prostatic fluid. Usually one would say this is either because your prostate is enlarged, or your bowel movements are too large. Plus you're straining which is never a good habit! You already know the logical conclusion of this assessment. One or the other needs to be smaller.
harverdmed replied to counterso's response:
what if your 16 and this happenes to you, becasue this has happened to me know for about since spetmber, i went to the doctors december and she said it was normal but, im still worried because it still hasn' stoped , and i don't strain as i used toin the being becusae usally i have diarihha.. im really sacred and i've never had sex .. but usally masterbate?
nohard replied to harverdmed's response:
This something us men have to put up with, and you dont have to have sex to get it, but it might take some explaining to your Mum as why your pants are stained, and as your doctor said its normal, and your becoming a man.
Any its time to grow up and stop worrying and except what your being told.
Good Luck
geosam66 replied to seancho's response:
hi, i too have that symptom, when sometimes i strain because i got constupated or passing large fecal matter i strain and push hard and whitr discharge(looks like semen) comes out of my penis..but i happens once every 2 months or so only when i am passing large fecal matter and i have to strain really hard ..but what worried me last time is i strained extremely hard to poop(i know that was stupid) the white discharge had traces of blood in that normal or is it something serious??
i am kinda worried..i urinated afterwards but no blood or anything..
mariigh responded:
bring him to the closes hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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