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Smaller Penises vs. Larger Penises
Gymaddict posted:
A QUESTION FOR DOCTOR MARKS; Dr. Marks, the internet has caused many men to be so unsettled about the size of their penises.

My question is: Does every man's penis have the same number of pleasurable nerve receptors whether that penis be small or whether it be larger.

If every mans penis has the same number of pleasurable nerve receptors, then it stands to reason that a smaller penis may experience greater intensity of pleasure since that set number of pleasurable nerve receptors are more compacted in a smaller mass/area.

That in and of itself would give some benefit to a man for having a smaller penis and militate against the present opinion tide that bigger is better. Comparison of individual pleasure man to man would be difficult. But, what do you think of my logic if every man has the same number of pleasurable nerve receptors in his penis.

I hope I am correct because something needs to said positive for smaller guys especially in these days of internet porn and the generally held opinion that bigger is better.

Thank you, Doc. I await your comments and the comments of other informed medical personnel.
tftobin responded:
The vagina can only feel an inch or two. Clitoral pressure is increased when pubes rub, and the man positions himself higher. A large penis does not make a man a good lover. Being attentive to his partner's needs and desires does. Any man with a smaller penis can learn to be a good lover, as can any man with a larger penis. If this was not true, both types of penises would not exist. Their owners would have been bred out of the gene pool. There is much more to lovemaking than genital to genital contact, such as kissing, touch, oral, etc. Mastering all of them is knowing how to give pleasure.
counterso responded:
Men have been worried about their prowess for hundreds if not thousands of years before there was the Internet. So, it's a ridiculous assertion that the internet caused this mental distress. Whether you had access to seeing thousands of other penises or not, the fear of the unknown was just as strong as the fear of the seen.

No, no two penises have the same number of receptors. If anything, they may have similar density of receptors, but the experience of sexual pleasure is entirely a mental process where you interpret those signals as pleasurable. You can deliberately or through training, get your brain to respond to all sorts of things with sexual pleasure, with or without your penis being involved.

Your opinion may be that bigger is better, but it is not the only opinion. In fact, a recent survey of 5000 women indicated that their preferences ranged fairly evenly between sizes, and that they also appreciated between 5-9 minutes of penetrative sex, saying that more was uncomfortable (as were the largest penises).

It is your confidence and esteem as well as your imagination and attentiveness that will distinguish you as a lover, not your penis size. While size may make some kind of difference, it is not always a positive difference. Many men with large penises just use it like a blunt weapon, which is unpleasant, because they assume that it must be great because it's large, not because they actually use it well, or pay attention to their partner's full range of desires for the experience.
An_247410 replied to counterso's response:
I am man of 60 years and agree with the comments of counterso. I have many women friends and they all love to have sex with me whereas my penis size is only 5.5 inches. They always quote that I give them un-forgetable sexual pleasure which they have not experienced with any man of large size penis. A woman who is in her 80 still desire sex with me. I became her friend in her 40 years age while I was only 19. Similarly a girl who is only 21 desires me to be her husband. This clearly indicates that penis size does not matter whereas sex procedure and fulfilling the desire of partner is essential. Moreover men use woman only for self pleasure instead of respect and true love which they deserve during sexual intercourse. Strong erection is essential but not so strong which hurt them.
nohard responded:
How intresting to find this, to day I have read in a very old copy of Forum vol 3 num4 on Impotence a part on psychogenic impotence patr c, feeling of shame and inferiority over penis size_ Master and Johnson here reasonly exploded the time- honoured phallic fallacy which relates the ability to satisfy a woman to the size of the penis; they showed that, providing tecnique was adequate, a small penis was just as effective as a large one.
So dose this help any body who has a size problem, but they always say its not whta you have got its what you can do with it that counts.
As for nerve endings, I dont think size comes into that part as feeling should be just the same in both, this would be down to to the penis's equaling them selfs out, in other words I dont think you would get a bigger bang with a smaller penis.
Good Luck
Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
The responses below say it best. It is not the size of the oar but the motion in the ocean. I recall one day back in Boston when in training seeing two things that stuck with me- one was a guy with two gorgeous women on his arms - and he had attitude, confidence and a very small penis. That same day I saw a man with a penis the size of baseball bat that had no confidence and was complaining that he couldn't get a girlfriend. If you know what to do, then you will keep your partner happy. good luck.

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