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Swollen Urethra (Pee hole)?
CorporateAmerica posted:
About a week ago while i was taking a piss i noticed my stream wasnt right. So had a look down there and boy i was surprised at the sight. At the tip or (pee hole) of the urethra? i believe its called it appeared to be swollen. Over the week i have noticed that after ejaculation it seems to get worse, looks like it has an extra pair of lips at the tip lol but goes down after an hour or so. And it does the same when i have a full bladder. Theres no pain whatsoever. I'm 18 years old and not sexually active. From what i read over the internet it could be an UTI. Which im not sure. Now i have posted this on numerous sites over the past week and no one has answered. So im wishing for luck here. Thanks, cj
counterso responded:
It is not a UTI. This minor skin irritation is not uncommon, and can be a local infection or STD, contact allergy, or other physical irritation. Without more information about you, it's hard to guess which one. But generally it's quite treatable after a short visit to the urologist. You should not leave it untended though, as it may get worse and you could have skin cracking and bleeding as it gets worse. You should also consider recent contact with any new products (lubricant, condoms, etc.), sex partners, or change in detergent as a possible cause.
CorporateAmerica responded:
Well im not sexually active and for the past month i havent dealt with lubricants, condoms or anything of that sort. And the detergent has always been the same. Could a laptop be a problem? I mean the radiation levels are low but do you think that could be a cause? I'm on the laptpop frequently, most of the time ill sit with it on my lap. But other than that i couldnt really think of a source.
counterso responded:
Laptop irritation would usually just be heat-related. That doesn't sound like a cause for your symptom. And laptops are not meant to actually be in your lap for more than a fraction of an hour a day with regard to radiation. Get a TV tray or a coffee table. Afraid you're gonna have to have this looked at to get any further. Not your GP, but a urologist. As far as being sexually active, symptoms may occur many months after contact due to stressors in your life that can lower your immune function. So, unless you've never been sexually active, there is a chance it might still be an STD. As for allergies, you might consider temporarily switching to a milder detergent like ivory snow or woolite and wash all your underwear in it, as it's possible you developed an allergy you did not previously have, or the detergent company changed their formula unknown to you.

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