Alcohol and Penis size
Cronx210 posted:
First off i would like to ask, how much drinking is considered heavy drinking?, and second is it absolutely true that alcohol CAN shrink/reduce penis size? , if so is it reversible, and does it have to do with loss of blood flow to the area or an actual reduction in size?
Eugenio311 responded:
There's probably no single answer to your first question. "Heavy" could be considered more than 4 drinks on a single occasion, or it could mean 3 drinks EVERY day, or drinking a 6-pack every Saturday and Sunday. If anyone is worried about their own or someone elses' drinking because of it's effects on functioning, self-control, work- or school-attendance, safety, judgment, memory, relationships, etc., there's a chance it is too heavy. Studies show alcohol reduces production of testosterone, so yes, that could manifest as penis shrinkage, along with other signs of reduced testosterone. Chronic alcohol abuse most definitely shrinks the testicles and that is not reversible once it has occurred.
done4good responded:
No doubt about it. My ex brother in law is and was a heavy drinker. He also was known to whore around at every opportunity. Alas, after about thirty years of this behavior, his penis shrunk from about 7.5 inches to a measly 7.375 inches and his wife left him for another guy who didn't drink. :eyeroll: