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superpunx posted:
So I have been having this trouble since i was about 15. Im 30 now. I must say this is NOT a UTI or STD. I wish I knew why it happens but I don't. It happens about %35 of the time I drink. I drink about every night soooo like 2 times a week sometimes. I have one remedy. That is a super hot shower for like 20 min.. or unfortunately put your thing in the sink and put hot water over it. I seriously think its because when you drink you need to pee more. And when you have sex your penis cant transfer between the two modes. Sooooooooo when you get off the sperm somehow gets stuck in your urine tract. Thank god im not the only one here. All I can say until I come up with a better remedy.. HOT WATER!!!
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georgiagail responded:
Your solution to some trouble (?urination when drunk?) is to pour hot water on your penis? Ouch!

Perhaps a better solution is not to drink (and I'm assuming this is alcohol) so much.

Sheldon Marks, MD responded:
Not sure what your problem is. Chances are there is a simple solution.