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The real worry with ED
Sheldon Marks, MD posted:
Most men just want to know what can be done to bring back great erections. So often men ask whether they should take a pill , which one or maybe consider a herbal supplement. But as a urologist, my first and more important question is why do you have this problem? After all, ED is not a normal part of aging. Something is not working to cause this problem. Many times, ED is an early warning sign of some thing far more dangerous. It could be from damage to small arteries, the very same small arteries that deliver blood and oxygen to your heart. So for a lot of men, ED can be an early warning sign of serious and potentially life threatening coronary artery disease. Finding this out now make save you from a heart attack!

It might also be a first sign of diabetes, hormone imbalance, liver disease, kidney problems or even a small brain tumor.

So if you have ED, be sure to talk to your primary care doctor about getting a full work up. Ask about a stress echo to check your heart. Ask for blood tests. Sometimes we can find a problem that, when corrected, can restore your erections. Sometimes we can save your life.
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An_200195 responded:
I'm 47 and have been dealing with progessive ED since the age of 39. I am five foot eight.I have been involved with high edurance sports my entire life , mostly in ice hockey but also in long distance running and moderate weight lifting. I wieghed 135 pounds at 16 years of age ( playing Jr hockey with 20 year olds) I graduated high school at 155 pounds and until two years ago had maintained 165 pounds for about 12 years.
I started experiencing loss of erections at age 39 and upon a full range of tests was told that it was psychological. By age 42 and more tests my testosterone had dropped to 6 or 180 in the U.S.
Once on the testosterone my lifetime of workouts finially started showing increased muscle mass.. YEAH!! and I gained another 15 pounds and look like I'm in the best shape of my life.
Without my daily dose of cialis 5mg my erections are non existant , even with the testosterone injections. I was once told I had an althletic heart via a stress test but then last year during another stress test (required for my job as part time fire fighter) it showed slight ischemia and I am now on an aspirin a day and crestor to lower my cholesteral from 5.9 to 3.6.
I dont drink alcohol , have never smoked a day in my life ( asthma concerns) and am more fit than most 47 year olds I know and still skate circles around the 30 year olds
Believe me I 've checked out everythnig and continue to see one of the top urologists in Canada but I have no strong sense of feeling in the penis and require the cialas to achieve an erection. It is never spontaneous . Viagara worked for about six months but I had to increase the dosages and the headaches were extreme. Now all i get is a headache and no response with erection while on Viagara.
I use Reversatol (grape extract) for blood vessel maintenance... used lots of other herbs but no great response..
So what does someone like me do to get that feeling back?
Diabetes does run in the famiy but no concerns yet with my docs/tests.
This has been tougth physically and emotionally since it started at age 39.
paul_1971 replied to An_200195's response:
I am in a similar situation. I am 38 and my testosterone is 230. I am 6' weigh 165lbs. I run 40 miles per week and I am in excellent physical condition. About a year and a half a go my sex drive went away and erections are not as strong as they used to be. My doctor recommended Testosterone Replacement Therapy. My wife and I are trying to conceive so I do not want to go on TRT at this time.I have a varicocele that I feel is lowering my testosterone. My doctor tells me that there is not enough proof that repairing it will raise my testosterone levels. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any solutions?

An_200196 responded:
am a 20 yr old male, and Ive never had problems with my erections until recently i tried to have sex with my gf and we started but in the middle of it i lost my erection and i haven't been able to maintain a full one ever since. i was a chronic masturbator going about 5-7xs a week, but i haven't done that in about 3 weeks. sometimes i get erections and night and some days i get morning wood, but i feel like when the time comes to perform i wont have an erection. can someone please help me..

p.s. Also lately ive been having alot of precum come out of my penis.
Sheldon Marks, MD replied to paul_1971's response:
A lot of topics in this short post. Varicoceles can reduce a man's fertility and some think over a lifetime can result in lower testosterone levels. Fixing the varicocele will often raise your sperm counts, and may or may not help with testosterone levels. A single testosterone level by itself doesn't mean much. Remember that your testosterone levels peak and trough two times a day so your levels are all over the place. a single result could be anywhere. You should also ask about getting an estradiol level and a free testosterone level, all to be drawn in the AM. You are very smart to stay away from Testosterone replacement as it will zero out your sperm count. Knowing that makes you smarter than most doctors. I suggest you go back to your urologist and talk some more, maybe get a few more tests.
Bobby_1188 responded:
At 23, I find my self not being able to be aroused. My wife and I have talked, we have tried different things, but nothing seems to work. It gets slightly excited, but not hard and when she is trying to get it hard I can barley feel anything that she is doing. We do not have the money to go to a doctor and we have no medical insurance. We are both full time students and are both currently unemployed. I need to know something that I can do to eliminate possible causes because if I do go to the community clinic I will not be able to afford all the tests. I am overweight, have been since birth and it had not previously affected me, neither had smoking cigs. Could these factors previously not made a difference, but now they are? I need help. My wife and I need help.
Sheldon Marks, MD replied to Bobby_1188's response:
Excess weight definitely alters the normal testosterone /estrogen balance needed for sex drive and sexual performance. You need to see a primary care doctor first to be sure there are no serious hormone abnormalities or problems such as a pituitary lesion.
Quikquestion responded:
ive been having alot of precum come out of my flaccid penis and then i have random erections during the day and precum leaks out also.But when its time for me to have sex with my gf, i cant get hard enough for penetration or even if i do, i get soft after a while.what do you think the problem not overweight, i dont drink alot and i dont smoke. I recently had a UTI about a month does that have anything to do with it? Please help!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to Quikquestion's response:
Hi Quikquestion,

I'm afraid your questions here, on this older discussion which is actually a tip, may be missed by others who could help you.

I encourage you to start your own discussion. (Hold your mouse cursor over the orange Post Now button on the upper right and choose 'Discussion' from the menu that comes up.)
Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you'll help them to become what they are capable of becoming. ~Goethe
Sheldon Marks, MD replied to Quikquestion's response:
That could be from a number of problems or concerns, including stress, fear of pregnancy, anxiety such as performance anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion, thinking too much about erections, and more. If you still have problems then you should talk to your doctor and even better, a urologist who is trained to deal with these issues.
ram1234 responded:
I am a recently married man of 34 yrs old. my problem is related to sex. I am a man of strong sexual vigour and intrest. I like always cow girl style(woman-on top) becaz I get more pleasure on that. But I have heard that for getting pregnant, either missionary(man on top) or rear entry to be tried. For this reason, I have tried missionary for the last 2 months about 10 times during her ovulation days. It worked some how and I enjoyed that position also. but she did not get preganant. But for the last 2 times, I did not get good erection in missionary .but on the same day, when I have tried woman on top, I have got erection and ejaculation. What is this problem doctor?I am doing missionary while placing her legs in my shoulders. Will it reduce friction in missionary position?now I wish to do missionary also.But due to fear of losing erection or not getting pleasure, I am afraid about doing missionary. doggy style I have not tried yet.I have another problem also.I am fantasizing of sex with other women also while doing with my wife. some times I feel guilty about that. But from some sites, I have read that it is normal and it gives more happiness in sexual life.I am trying to fantasise with my wife also. she is also very pretty and beautiful. But in order to avoid frustration, I am fanatasing with other women including some made up characters. is it normal doctor?I love my wife very much also.while doing such fantasies will affect our lov?We want pregnancy also urgently.Kindly advise to sort out all these problems
Sheldon Marks, MD replied to ram1234's response:
What you describe sounds perfectly normal. Yes, when you are trying to father children she should be on her back, Missionary style. Then she needs to stay on her back for an hour before she gets up to urinate. Different positions are best for different people. It may take some time to get comfortable or satisfied, but it is worth the effort. An average healthy couple takes about 4 to 9 months to get pregnant, so be patient.
Room222 replied to Sheldon Marks, MD's response:
How do you get a doctor to take you seriously? Just because I'm a little older doesn't mean that my life is over. I have had T levels (256), which the physician says is prefectly normal, yet, as with some of the other men, I had no feeling. I never have an erection in the mornings. When I do have an erection it isn't hard enough and is lost almost as quickly as it comes. I need this!! Really! I love the feeling of a tight erection and still want to be active. But, doctor chalks it all up to one being older, and having to come to task with it. However, on questioning him, ( who is older than I am), continues to enjoy what I would like to enjoy and states his erections are as hard as they were when he was younger. Hey, I need help here!
GAP1954 replied to An_200196's response:
Hey! Anon - assuming you have checked for diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and such, I think you diagnosed the problem yourself when you said "I feel like when the time comes to perform..." that kind of worry is almost always the culprit in a young man. The fact that you do get erections (morning wood etc.) shows that your equipment is OK and if you will work on a couple of things you should be fine. 1. a partner with whom you can relax and be sensual but not necessarily sexual right away. It is important for you to be able to talk about things and enjoy touching and cuddling and having a good time without the intercourse for awhile. Relaxing will lead you back to erections but don't rush things. 2. Check your masturbation technique - if you use a hard grip or real fast action, you are going to need to re-train yourself to a more lubricated, looser and probably slower form to better simulate vaginal sex. Again, take it slow and enjoy the schooling.

The pre-cum is just a sign that you need to cum and are worrying so much about not cumming that nothing is happening.

Try to relax. You are going to be fine.
meanrich responded:
have erection problums please inform me to solve this problum.
Patras Gill

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