Anon_6023 posted:
In case you are not aware, your man most likely IS horny even if he can't easily get an erection!

That's surely the case with me.

Makes it more (frustrating/disappointing/annoying) when my partner is in the mood and I cannot perform. Her erroneous assumption is that I don't want to have intercourse - which could not be further from the truth.

Supporting evidence is that if I'm sufficiently frustrated, I can masturbate to orgasm even without an erection.

Why would I admit this very sensitive information?

If you are an empathetic partner, you should try to be supportive and open to alternative methods of pleasuring instead of primarily complaining for yourself.
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mezbee responded:
I understand that you men can still be horny but when I try to be helpful but helping him he seems to become dis-interested or if I use the pump for him he tells me it doesn't help. I have went as far as any porn or outside stimulant that he thinks will help and some I have found, and yet he doesn't want to get together UNLESS I PUSH for the time together. I do what he needs but now I'm wondering ..Is it me!!!!!