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Not your typical conjunctivitis...What is this?!
NeLLyJa posted:
I have been having eye problems for about two weeks now and have tried everything I know to do. I know that allergies can develop at anytime in your life and having quit cigarettes for seven weeks now makes me the perfect canidate for allergies. However, this problem with my right eye being itchy has not really affected the other eye very much at all. I have taken four kinds of eyedrops as of now (tomorrow is my 7 days on Gentaamicin Sulfate with no improvement, the other kinds include ROHTO Ice, and eye itch relief with ketotifen fumarate, and and eye allergy relief with pheniramine maleate and naphazoline.) and both drowsy and non-drowsy allergy pills with no help. Now I am having the itchiness worse at night time when my eyes are fatigued, but this is now including some weird bluriness and a dull pain, not to mention some seriously wicked capillaries from my inability to completely stop scratching my itch. There is also some crustiness when I wake up, but there has not been any yellow or greenish discharge this whole time. Sometimes it feels like there is something in my eye, but yet not something little and scratchy more like something larger and is probably the massive dialation of the capillaries I caused. I know most people would just go to the doctor or hospital, but I was wondering if there is anything else to do other than gently washing my eyes, new pillows/ washing pillow cases everyday, new eye make up, and all. I do not have insurance and am starting to worry that this could get worse. Any herbal remedies like some tea or other natural anti-inflammatory things that could ease this? I am willing to do all I can to avoid a hefty ER bill, but I don't want to risk this either since I have kids that rely on me solely. I do have to admit I am very stubborn when it comes to fixing things on my own, but my few medical courses cannot help with this at all. Please let me know what you think may help or at least not hurt to try.
Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
As long as your main symptom is itching (and not pain) and your vision is not affected there are several things you can try.

Main goal is to stop "chasing your tail" and adding irritating eye drops to an already irritated eye. Stop the gentamicin. It's finished doing any good after seven days and is just irritating your eye. Don't touch your eye. Preservative free artificial tears and cool compresses are ok. No touching or rubbing.

If not improving after a day or two, go see an eye specialist. This is much more appropriate than going to an emergency room for an eye problem which is not threatening vision.

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