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Vision issues from my eyes or brain?
kenzielaura posted:
For years my eyes have played some strange tricks on me. What I mean by that is; I can be perfectly fine and all of a sudden I'll see a dark shadow shoot across the periferal vision in my eye, or I'll suddenly see a bunch of bright pink dots moving in a way that very early video games move, or I'll see a light kind of pulsing (not flashing but the pulsing a light will do if it's about to burn out) but the light never burns out and nobody else will see it. I started having these problems when I was about 15 but they were extremely rare, in the past 2 months though, they've increased and become quite regular. Also over the past two years the way lights affect my vision has changed. I often don't drive at night anymore because the glare is just too much for me, and I'm only 22! My vision is perfect in every other way. I can see near and far and have 20/20 vision as of my last eye exam. I've had many neurological issues since I was 15 including dizzy spells, headaches, and even complete blackouts but every doctor I see has a different theory and although they all agree something is wrong with me, none can agree on what. So I'm trying to figure out if these vision issues are related at all to my brain or if they're strictly my eyes. I'm from a very small town with great doctors but maybe not the most experienced in seeing not so common issues so getting opinions from others who might be able to give me their opinions about these vision issues would be great. Thank you!
Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
Sorry you are having problems.

Some general principles: If you have been having this type of symptom for seven years, it is unlikely that it represents either a brain tumor or a retinal (detachment) issue. The next time this visual symptom occurs, try to determine whether you are seeing it in one or both eyes. If it is both eyes, then the issue is definitely a "brain" and not an "eyeball" issue.

Pulsing and visual symptoms that last for minutes and then disappear suggests a migraine type mechanism.

If this or any other type of neurological symptom are increasing in frequency, then full investigation and possibly treatment are required.

I suggest going to , choose "Find an Eye M.D." and then select "neuroophthalmologist" It will require a visit to a larger city but this will likely be the fastest route to the real answer for your symptoms.

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