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Child with vision problems
justfiveofus posted:
Hi there,

My son is 8 years old and started complaining a few weeks ago that it was difficult to see the white board in school. I made an appointment and we went to get his eyes checked. The doctor told us that the correction he requires is minimal but he is concerned that our son seems to have issues telling what letters are what. For example, during the exam he said that most "F" were "E", A was a triangle, N and H were both Z, C was O, T was I.

He was explaining it to me earlier and said it's almost like things change shape to him but usually only when they're far away. He said that he has no issues reading and last year when he was tested he was reading well above grade level. He told me something else that I found interesting. He said when he looks at men's and women's restroom signs he has to look at the picture because there's usually no "wo" on the women's.

Obviously, we're concerned and we are following up but the specialist can't get us in until October. I guess I'm just wondering if this is a common issue with kids or whatever. They do have us watching him for behavioral changes as well as headaches. The inside of his eyes look great according to his doctor, no swelling of the nerve or anything.
Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
From the vision performance standpoint, this should be pretty easily to figure out. What is the smallest line of letters that your son can read (with persuasion and cheerleading) on a distance eye chart with each eye separately? What is the apparent refractive error (benefit from eyeglasses) without relaxing eye drops and what is the refractive error after such eyedrops are instilled.

If "doctor 1" is correct, there is good distance eye chart performance and no significant benefit from eyeglasses. Once this is confirmed by "doctor 2" as well as no abnormalities, then you are looking at "perceptual" issues many of which resolve with maturity.

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