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Temporary blurry spot - with both eyes open or closed
billfromvermont posted:
After spending about 3 hours working at the computer (fairly common for me), I noticed a strange small oval-shaped blurry area in my eyes. It was near the center of both of my eyes. I could see everything else clearly, except for in the center. It appeared as if the blur was only around the edges (perimeter) of a small oval, with the center of the oval area being reasonably clear. I also seemed more sensitive to light than normal. I experienced this problem for about 10-20 minutes, after which it gradually disappeared.

These additional facts might help.

  • I felt no pain and had no other noticeable symptoms whatsoever.
  • When I closed either eye, the other eye still had the blur - in the exact same spot.
  • When both eyes were totally closed, it appeared as a small area of "lights" in the center of the area where my eyes were directed (behind closed eyelids).
  • I did not experience any real change in my peripheral vision or spots elsewhere.
  • I did not have any difficulty in distinguishing colors.
  • There is no history of diabetes in my family.
  • I had no itching or discharge from my eyes.
  • I have not changed any medications - only medication is simvstatin for slightly elevated cholesterol and baby aspirin.
  • I have had a recent thorough physical exam with only positive findings.
  • Have no problem with reading at night.
  • Have not been aware of any gradual loss of sharpness of my vision.
  • Do not have blindspots or unusual halos around lights nor and double vision.
  • No headaches or stomach problems.
  • Normally have low blood pressure and no heart issues.
  • I am in extremely good physical shape.

In other words, for a person who is 67 years old, there is very little physically wrong with me.

Based on the fact that it existed whether my eyes were open or closed, I am inclined to believe that the source of the problem might have been in my brain.

I am now traveling and am in Bangkok, Thailand. I will be soon heading by bus and riverboats, thru Cambodia to Vietnam, etc. Finding a qualified optometrist who can communicate in English will be extremely difficult. I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on what might possibly have caused this to happen to my eyes.

Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
Because this visual issue involved both eyes, was noticeable after the eyes were closed, and lasted for 20 minutes and disappeared completely, it is very suggestive of a migraine type problem. i.e. a temporary circulation disturbance. Migraines don't necessarily have to be associated with headache.

A full eye exam and as well as complete review of your medical status would be a good idea at your soonest convenience.
billfromvermont replied to Alan M Kozarsky, MD's response:
Thank you, Alan. I never knew a migraine could present in this manner.

I will definitely get my eyes thoroughly checked - and report the occurrence to my physician, once I return home..

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