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Looking Rainbows and Halos at night
Sunshineglow posted:
Dear Sir,
My eyes were beautiful, nice, healthy and having clear vision. In the year 2004, I mixed a chemical stone into some water and then I instilled the drops in my both eyes. After that my eyes got infected. Since there, whenever I see the street lights, electric bulbs and candle lights, I see rainbow halos 2 colors,
( Blue and Brown ) around the bulbs. I see the rays of the lights are twisting and vibrating known as distorted vision. Besides that whenever I see to the sky, an oily thinly layer and bubbles are seen to me. Not only that the neurons of my head often pulled automatic, mainly at both of the ear sides. I have consulted 2 eye doctors ( Opthalmologists ), One of them have given me "Oxylin" Eye drops and suggested me to wear spectacles. Not cured. Then I went to another eye doctor, he gave me "Himalaya Opthacare" Eye drops, but not healed then again he gave me "Dexacort -N" again no benefit, not healed. I had used all the eye drops for two months. Then I discontinued using all the Eye drops. After 8 years recently again I went to a big eye hospital, they have conducted all the eye tests and examinations. After that they told me, there is nothing wrong in your eyes. Your eyes as well as vision are good. They gave me one eye drop " Just Tears " to use 3 to 4 times a day, that's all. I have not used it so far. But I could not understand why I see the halos ? Are the doctors hiding anything to me about my eyes ? Overall now I am frustrated, worried and nervous because of the doctor's uninteresting on the condition and not trying to understand the patient's complaint. Now I would like to ask
( A ) What kind of disease I have been suffering from ?
( B ) Will "Just Tears" eye drop overcome these symptoms
( C ) What are the medicines, technical procedures and natural herbals you suggest for my eyes' condition ?
I await for your precious replyâ?¦..
Please help.....
Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
I am sorry that you are having visual problems. However, I am comforted that you have been examined by ophthalmologists who have not found any obvious or major diseases in your eyes.

In general, cataract formation as well as some corneal conditions can result in halos being seen around lights. I'm sure that your ophthalmologists looked for these conditions and if you have one of these conditions, it probably is not severe and requiring major treatment based on their conclusions.

On the other hand, putting all of your unusual symptoms and history together is not easy and certainly cannot be accomplished without the benefit of a full examination.

So, my recommendation is an examination by a new and different ophthalmologist to assure no recognizable corneal or cataract problem. Without a diagnosis, there can be no treatment recommendation.

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