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    Includes Expert Content
    Pus discharge out of eye
    Ansulew posted:
    I'm 43 and for 7 months had excessive tearing out of my right eye. I went several times to eye doctors.Another interesting symptom was that whenever I blew my nose, my eye would flood and stream with tears. They never thought it was pink eye. First, they said it was probably just a cold coming out of my eye, and when my cold would clear up, it would too. When it didn't I returned to a doctor who said it was probably an oil gland that had become blocked. Warm compresses with massages, plus I may have allergies, too. 6 months into the issue, my right eye started discharging yellow pus, and excess tearing never stopped. I was placed on oral antibiotics along with antibiotic eye drops. I asked that they do a culture on the pus. My culture came back FUNGAL and not bacterial, so the antibiotics did not work at all. An oculoplastic doctor was in the office with my fourth return visit, and he was consulted on my case. He wondered if I didn't have a "stone" in my tear duct system and wanted to flush it with some saline solution. He took a needle and inserted it in the corner of my eye which was surprisingly not painful. Then he flushed the solution which at first came back out of my eye which surprised him a little. Then it flushed down the back of my throat. HOW GRATEFUL I AM to have him do that to me. After the quick procedure, he asked my to blow my nose to see if it would pour out again. I blew my nose and nothing came out!!! I am now placed on a steroid ointment for the inflamation for the next two weeks. I just got that procedure yesterday, and have been so much better ever since. We still have not addressed the fungal issue, which they said is not a pleasant thing to treat. I was afraid to ask. My eye is no longer pussing or tearing since the procedure yesterday. I am so grateful!!!
    Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
    This is very good news. On the basis of your story it is almost certain that the tear outflow pathway was blocked and the removal of the blockage by the irrigation performed is likely a cure. The "stone" which was blocking the outflow may have been "fungal" but main treatment is unblocking the pathway. Once the blockage is removed, nature will probably take care of the rest and you will likely remain healthy and without excessive tearing.

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