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I Have a Bump Above My Eye Please Help?
viciouzbarbie posted:
Is this a stye, wart, skin tag or what could this be? I got it recently and been over a week.
I Really want it to go away, I can tell when I put eyeshadow on when I look up close at the mirror.

here is another better close up shot
Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
Congratulations on having the capability of posting a photograph with you question. To my recollection, you are the first to associate a posting with a photo.

The most common cause for a sudden appearance of a "bump" in an eyelid is a stye / chalazion. These represent a blocked oil gland in the eyelid with a variable amount of inflammation. Sort of like a pimple of the eyelid. There is almost always some tenderness when these first occur. Warm compresses help to speed their going away. Occasionally, a stye / chalazion will need to be drained.

On the other hand, you did not mention tenderness and the photo shows more surface discoloration than it does an actual "bump" taking up space in the eyelid. In such a case, the diagnoses of wart or skin tag are certainly possible. Those would be on the surface of the eyelid skin. A stye / chalazion is deeper and within the substance of the eyelid.

So, if there was any tenderness when this occurred and there is an actual bump in the eyelid, treat this like a chalazion and use the warm compresses. If the "bump" does not get better within a week or two, see an ophthalmologist for diagnosis and possible removal.

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