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Vision Problem
An_250746 posted:

I have had an issue with my vision every few months which is similar to a floater but I don't believe that is what it is occurring. It always starts as a small point that expands along a linearly along a line (usually curved). The line is populated with small straight lines pointing in random directions along the base line. These small straight lines seem to be each a different color. From start to finish the episode last approximately 30 minutes. It appears to affect both eyes. It usually progresses from the small spot and expands past my field of vision. It also never seems to appear in the center of my vision but always slightly off the center of vision. There is usually a few months between episodes but I have had them multiple times with in the same month. Any ideas on what this is?
An_250843 responded:
Ophthalmic Migraine?
An_250746 replied to An_250843's response:
I have never had any pain associated with it.
DenKon responded:
I have the same problem as you describe. The first onset was about a year prior to my loss of sight in one eye due to stroke of the optical nerve (Anterior Ischemic Optical Neuropathy or AION). The Neuro-Opthamologist who diagnosed the AION was dismissive of my report of the earlier "shimmering irregular halos which expanded and eventually dissipated." The cause is evidently not in the eye or optic nerve itself, but in the visual cortex. He was unconcerned since he was convinced there was no connection between the "shimmering halo" effect and my later AION. The AION (stroke) was likely a result of my unmonitored high blood pressure at the time (200/160), which is now controlled and in the safe, normal range. The shimmering halo effect still appears periodically, about quarterly. It causes me to discontinue whatever visual activity in which I'm engaged for about 15 minutes until it dissipates.
Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
Assuming that this symptom is exactly the same every time and it is not increasing in frequency or severity, your health is otherwise good and there is no reason to suspect any serious vascular disease, this sounds very much like a migraine type issue which can be totally limited to the visual system.

If annoying or changing in severity or frequency, please consult your primary care doctor or neurologist for further evaluation and possibly preventative treatment.

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