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vision loss after retinal detachment surgery (scleral buckle)
dg175 posted:
I recently had scleral buckle surgery in both eyes for retinal detachments. Following the surgery the doctor was concerned with the high pressure in both eyes, and my vision in the right eye went almost completely dark a few days after surgery. The left eye did not have this problem. A couple weeks after the initial surgeries, they told me they needed to cut the buckle in the right eye as it was too tight, so I had a third operation. My vision started improving immediately after cutting the buckle, and I am still on medication to reduce pressure in both eyes.

Previously I had perfect vision in both eyes, but now both require correction. I went to get glasses and was told that the vision in my right eye can't really be corrected at all, as there are other factors affecting the vision other than the shape of the lens.

I have noticed that the pupil in the right eye remains almost fully dilated and does not react at all to light. I was referred to a glaucoma specialist in order to oversee treatment of the high pressure, and she tells me that there was some nerve damage to the eye.

Is there any hope for improvement in my right eye? Could there be any other factors other than permanent nerve damage that could still improve over time?

When I wear my glasses, the vision in my right eye is still very blurry and I am unable to read. It is very difficult to even walk around or drive, as I am strongly right eye dominant so I need to close my right eye whenever I need to see something clearly. When I saw an optometrist for the eye exam to get glasses, he told me that he can see that they installed a wider band on the right eye than they did on the left eye, which I believe may have caused the higher pressure and damaged the eye. Are there any possible explanations for doing this? I had the exact same size/shape/location of detachment in both eyes so I can't understand the reasoning for this. It seems to be extremely negligent on the part of the surgeon and I am still unable to return to work after almost 3 months!

Thanks for any advice.

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