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Eye pain and pressure with no redness or vison loss
MeiKeehl posted:
My right eye has been experiencing pain and discomfort the past few days. I have a slight astigmatism in my left eye and I wear glasses. I have not taken them off at all. The pain I feel radiates at the top of the socket. I do not feel any gritty feeling and I have used eyedrops to try and alleviate some of the discomfort. It is sharp and sudden and comes and goes. The discomfort I feel is at the top where the socket is and at the bottom of my eye.
My sinuses were a major concern but it seems that even with my sinuses clearthe pain stays. I have not had any injury or medication that has the sideeffects concerning the eye. I have covered one eye to see if there were vision problems but there were none. My pupils are the same size and I see no halos around lights. I can sometimes feel it when I move my eyes. I open my eyes wide sometimes and it hurts. The pain is around 6/10.
This has gone on for 4 days so far and i cannot see a doctor about it any time soon. I have noticed some discharge in the morning that is more than usual and no redness whatsoever. I have tried not watching tv, reading, phone, or computer but nothing seems to help. I wonder what it could be so it would be lovely to know what other people think it could be.
I have had no runny nose either so i dont know if sinuses can inflame without congestion.
I have had no tension headaches.
I have had a bit of temporal pain randomly.
I suffer from:
Chronic headaches
canne12 responded:
TMJ commonly causes eye problems, especially pain / pressure / strain and dry eye. It can also cause blurred and double vision, problems with eye teaming and various kinds of visual distortion. The best way to treat these problems is by getting to the root and working with a neuromuscular dentist to reset the jaw. NUCCA chiropractic is also beneficial to do in conjunction with the dental work. When visual problems persist, a COVD vision therapist can be employed to help retrain the brain to see properly. (Find one at

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