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Cataract surgery didn't improve vision
OttoPaulson posted:
My mother had cataract surgery a couple of months ago. Prior to surgery, she'd been experiencing blurred vision, and the glare from bright sun was blinding her. So she had the cataract surgery, and the doctors said everything looked great afterward. The problem is that she is still experiencing the same blurred vision, and glare and bright sun are still blinding her. She's seen no improvement in either of those issues. In fact, she says it's even worse, and she's had to stop driving. She's only 60 years old. The doctors can't explain it. They already checked for the film or membrane that can form on the lens, and that wasn't the problem. I can't believe my mom is the only person in the history of the world who's ever had whatever problem this is. Has anyone else experienced this?
anita532 responded:
I had cataract surgery in January 2011. Went to specialist with failing vision. No halos, no blurry, just failing. I was 61 in 2011. Have had a tiny cataract since I was 30 years old in 1980. The cataract was still just a tiny one. Doctor decided to take out the tiny cataract. Well he left me virtually blind. Now I see halos, blurry, see 4 of everything. Doctor said there is nothing he can do. And that doctor also told me 9 lies during the course of my therapy. I have investigated people all over this city that have been to him. Normal failure rate can be 2%. I feel his failure rate is 30%. You cannot sue doctors or eye doctors in our province here in Canada. I have a lot of choice things I would like to do to this doctor. He is heavily connected politically and they would never revoke his licence. He is also about 69 years old and long past his best before date.
Spring forward to this January 2013 and my left eye has failed. Have seen lots of specialists and they cannot see any reason for my blindness. Think it is 20/600. Can only see people if they are right in front of my face. Walking on sidewalks is difficult. Cooking is difficult. Next appt is with neuro opthamol in October. Vision deteriorates by the day. Hope this next specialist is smart enough to do an MRI which has not been done yet.
Between January 2011 and January 2013 have seen 4 other specialists. LIES. They tell lies, and more lies, and more lies.
One of them even told me I had cancer of the eyes. Next specialist said that was entirely untrue. In this city you cannot trust any of the eye doctors and there is such a shortage of them. I wish the worst kind of hell upon all the liar eye doctors I have seen. And they all cover for each other. They can abuse us and lie to us, but there are signs all over doctor offices that we cannot abuse or talk back to them. Sick system.

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