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Conjunctivitis, blurry vision
grim007 posted:
A week ago I was diagnosed with severe Conjunctivitis. I had alot of discharge coming out of both of the eyes. I had very bad swelling on my left eye. I was treated with antibiotics eye drops and ointment. After a week or so it improved and I no longer have any discharge. I went to the doc and after checking me again he told me it still didn't pass and I should continue treatment with different eye drops and same ointment (synthomicin) for the entire month.

On saturday I was doing fine when at some point I felt that something was bothering me (like something was in the eye), it was really bothering me but I ignored it. Today, Monday in the morning it was really bad when I was out in the sun (watering, etc) so I went to the doc again and after checkup and turning my eyelid around he told me its its the infection and I should continue treatment and be patient. He told me to wash the eye with alot of water every time I get this feeling, and I did. However after several hours I think this feeling of something in my eye is now gone, however I'm seeing everything blurry with that eye. I'm really freaked out, will it go away or did something happen permanent happen? I don't to bother the doc too much coz maybe I'm just panicing. Its just that on sunday before I got the feeling of something in my eye I felt perfect, and now my vision in the left eye is blurry and I cant see well with it (read text etc)

Is this normal symptoms or should I go for another visit again (I guess he will hate me eventually, he isn't too nice either).

grim007 responded:
I forgot to add that on the previs visit to the doc after the infection eased up he tested me eyes and my vision was perfect (I have no glasses)
Alan M Kozarsky, MD replied to grim007's response:
There are varieties of pink eye (conjunctivitis) that do not resolve quickly and can produce discomfort as well as decreased vision. A good example of this is a form of adenovirus infection called epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC) in which there can be prolonged corneal inflammation.

Perhaps a visit to a new ophthalmologist would be helpful. In choosing a new doctor, consider going to and select "Find an Eye M.D" and look under the category "Corneal/External Disease".
grim007 replied to Alan M Kozarsky, MD's response:
Its been 2 weeks now and with treatment it got much better, almost back to normal.
Thanks for the reply.
Alan M Kozarsky, MD responded:
While most cases of simple pink eye aka conjunctivitis resolve quickly occasionally there can lingering problems. This is especially true of infections caused by adenovirus and (non-venereal) herpes simplex.

Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to see a (nice) specialist in this area. Go to and press the tab up top which says "Find and Eye M.D." and search under "Cornea/External" disease specialty.

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