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Challenge - Week 1 - Get Moving After School
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
While some kids are running to soccer, swimming, baseball or other organized sports after school, some parents can't afford those types of organized activities. But, that doesn't mean you can't get your kids up and moving.

Parents, share your ideas to get your kids off the couch and away from the TV and computer during the weekdays after they get home from school. Spending some time in the fresh air and getting active after homework is done will help your kids sleep better and give them a brain boost for school the next day.

Post your after-school activity ideas, and don't forget use the "Activity" drop-down when you post!

Good luck!
mikimom2010 responded:
With the weather being "not so nice" we usually play pretend in her tent. My 2 year old loves to dress up in her tu-tu, adding her bracelets and necklaces and we'll sit flat in the middle of our floor inside of the tent!

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