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    im 15, someone please help (trigger)
    bandislove posted:
    [TRIGGER] I need someones opinion on if im just a regular teenager or if this is far more serious.

    ive been an on and off cutter for about a year and a half and it got really bad a while ago but i stopped then recently relasped and i told my mom. shes trying to help me but its only getting worse. ive been feeling worthless in school eventhough my grades almost got me honor roll this past quarter. if something negative happens at school, my entire day is shot. no matter how much i try, it feels like its not possible to become happy again on that day. ive been locking myself away in my room sleeping and doing homework and thats it. i sleep in really late til like 1 on the weekends and i get anxious during school. and once i get the thought that i cant cut ever again, it feels like im trapped and i kinda panic. id tell my friends or my mom this but it feels like im burdening them. sometimes i just wanna break down and cry. i dont know what to do. sometimes nothing happens during school and i just hate the world. then my mom asks what wrong and i say nothing cause thats the truth. then she checks me over and that gets me so mad. i know she means well but i can barely stand it anymore. i was staring at the ceiling today in my room and i wondered why im still here, why do i matter? its not always like that but a majority of the time anymore it is. it feels like im either on cloud 9 or im ready to cut again. its never inbetween. someone, anyone, please tell me what to do.
    lucidliar responded:
    You need to see a doctor. A psychiatrist could really help. To me it sounds like you have depression but it could be a defficiency of somthing or another mental disease. Don't be alarmed by the titles. If you do have depression the doctor will perscribe medicines that can help but you have to work with the doctor. Tell him or her everything and let the help. Good luck.
    Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi bandislove,

    Just to let you know, I've added a "trigger" to your post subject line as the topic of cutting and self harm is a sensitive one and sometimes members need to know what a post is about before opening it.

    I would also suggest seeing a doctor or a school counselor for help. Is there someone trusted in your family that you can talk to?

    WebMD has a Crisis Resources link which is at the top of every board. There's are links to various organizations that can help you. I also want to suggest a crisis hotline - they are listed in your phone book directory as you can talk in confidence to them as well.

    We also have a Mental health: Self Harm board for more help.

    Good luck!

    - Annie
    momuv4girls responded:
    Hi sweetie,

    I have some suggestions for you, and a couple of links to explore.

    I'm sure your mom loves you and wants to help you, but maybe she doesn't know how. Talking to a school counselor or psychologist is another option.

    There is help and relief for you. If your mom is unsure of where to find a professional to talk to, then start off with a pediatrician and ask about a child psychologist.

    Your not alone - please look into the links I've sent, and write back anytime for more help and support.

    ((((HUGS)))) Kathleen
    momof5andhappy responded:
    Honey this here is your cry for help!!! go to your school couselor and let her know how you feel. If your uncomfortable and feel as if your a burden to others YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN. Have your mom take you to see a couselor or therapist and also see a psychiatrist. The signs you notice are certainly not crazy you notice your feelings and this is good. Do continue to stay open to your mom and others you feel comfortable with but tell your doctor as well, they can be more productive in helping you than your mom. Take my advise to your mom ans let her know there are option and if it is money in here concerns her public assistance is available for you as well and it does not affect what insurance you have. email me anytime
    w7orres responded:
    Oh sweety I wish I knew. My 14 year old boy acts weird to me. He isn't happy anymore. Won't talk. But if you feel like that as a mother I feel like you should talk to your mom and if you are not comfortable please talk to your school councilor. Where I live we have something called a safe place where kids can go to talk. You need to get help because it is not normal to hurt yourself. I know your at that age where friends will tease so I don't recommend you talking to them but talk to an adult you can trust. Or go to the ER to talk to someone sometimes they also can help you. I hope for the best for you. Please don't hurt yourself anymore. Your mother loves you or she wouldn't check on you you like she does don't get mad. Just talk.
    scared4future responded:
    bandislove, I'm in the same boat. 13 years old and I never thought this could happen to me. I've never told anyone and I feel so trapped. I was sure no one else felt this way. I cry every day and can't handle pretending to be normal for too long. I'm on antidepressants but they haven't helped. my friends all think I'm fine, but I'm not. i think talking about it with someone who understands, not some adult shrink who's perfectly normal, is the best idea. i feel a little better just after posting this. if you ever want to talk, e-mail me at:
    tkirk24 responded:
    Hi! Girl You got it made, they an't nothin' wrong with you.Everybody loves you but you, and your not growing up as fast as you wont to,life is just going to slow. Don't let things or people get'ya down and all-discabubarated. In another 15 years every things will be going to fast. STAY IN THERE GIRL &TAKE CARE

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