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For anyone who wonders why.
darkray posted:
I used to be bipolar,alot of my friends as well. Parents are cunfused and worried that the kid is nuts or needs help. Listin up,and listin good..cuase you need to hear this. The reason why..the one who cut themselves,,do what they do. 1.they are depressed and don't want to cry about it. 2.Actually likes the small pain(makes them feel alive). 3.Seeing like a flow of pain running away from the body. 4.watching the healing prosses is like a renewing ones body and peace. Other reasons as to why they do it...more likely it's just too much stress. Mainly parents being too hard,or life is just too hard. Parents are not listin to the kids enough and understand as to what they are feeling.(parents never really think as to how they feel, most often they just tell them how to feel). This part to WHY..they hurt others. 1.the anger is so strong that somthing need to come out.the rage builds and one does not know to to act appon it. 2.pain grows into rage..and to take out the highest or weakest leaves on in controll of emotions and things that are needed to be in-tune with no pressure. feel a high a way to controll life and death. This can make on feel pleasure over hatred and peace over a monster inside it will not damage anything that they do not wish to. This is usually all cause by parents(mostly)..or family they grew up around. if parents fight,yell,scream,gripe,badger,and always say'do as i say..dont do as i do'. Or this could be a chemical reaction in the body,like a tiger shark..too much 'T' could flood the body..making its 'nature' to become agressive. Please..don't think kids need in shoot them up with shots and pills..making them put them in a rubber room. It is scarey..i know. Just feel what they feel. remember when you were there age, and communicate with them on there level..NOT yours. do not freak out. what is a right way to do things...what is the wrong way? just try and live each day as it is. sometimes pressure is just too much. expecially now days in this new age of being. so much to learn and do,not like long ago...where you did not have to know or do so much. Understand...even though we have larger brains and can do things others being cant, still we have are limits...and we still live among and beside animals.. appart of them.instincts can grow out of controll...when too much seperates us all from life..and into the cold heart of machiene.

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