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Daughter in pain.
MOTYnot posted:
I am trying to figure out how to deal with a daughter (17) who wants to move away because of a boy. She is a great student, carries a part time job after school. She seems to have it all. 2 years ago she met a boy. He is younger than her. He is not treating her well, just broke up with her for the umpteenth time. Last year at this time she cut her wrist because he broke up with her. She saw a therapist for about 4 months. She suffers from anxiety but stopped the small dose of sertraline she was taking for that. Now she wants to move away (run) from the situation. She doesn't care if she loses her job, doesn't care if her grades suffer. She can't see past her pain from the break up. I try to deal with her, but everything I say is wrong. She won't go back to a therapist. Any advise would be appreciated. Any links or reading materials would help also.
Shelly6207 responded:
I am really sry to hear that you guys are having such a hard time, I am 24 myself and married and a mother to a 6 month old son, and when I was 17 I thought my mother new nothing. Make sure you tell her God has a plan for her and he knows what is best for her. At that age guys can make you or break you, it hurts so much to have your heart broke.... Good luck
luvurkids responded:
I am so sorry for your Pain....I wish I could give you a hug. Thank you for reaching out. Sertraline generic for Zooloft has been known to cause suicidal tendencies and recklessness in teens... not always... but... you can't just STOP taking these types of medications. your Brain can't handle that, by stopping the medication suddenly can also increase heighten,or even trigger another disorder that may have been underlying in her. I would if it was my daughter, i would think about talking toher Child Psychiatrist (if that is what she has)I would discuss what options you have to help her before she hurts herself.. IMMEDIATELY. Don't brush this off...especially if she is cutting herself...she thinks she deserves pain...she needs your help... you at this point have to find away to get her somewhere with some help for treatment,. if she is not willing. Please update how you and her are...(hugs))feel free to message me. :lightsmile:

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