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    Please help us
    04lisa92 posted:
    I am hoping this is the right place to look for help. My son is 5 and half. He never seems to be happy. He is always crying about nothing or as he says "I don't know." Don't you have to know what you are crying about to be crying? He hides in his room all the time when he is at home.The only thing that seems to make him happy is playing video games. He still wets the bed almost every night. He worries about activities that should be fun for him and us. He just can't be happy about anything. He is driving a wedge between my boyfriend and I. We used to go swimming together and my boyfriend taught him how to swim really well but he just doesn't even want to do this anymore. I think he might be depressed but I just don't know. His dad refuses to believe that there is problem. Depression and anxiety run in my family. On his dad's side his grandfather and great grandfather both commited suicide. So I am guessing that depression runs in his family also. I have taken him to the doctor they just blow me off. I am sorry but I do not believe that this is normal. Help. :sad:
    MoniWeLove responded:
    It's nice to know I am not alone. My son is 7. He still wets the bed almost every night too. And he can play video games all day. Crying is a way of life for him almost every day. It's like he finds things to be mad about. He even cries when he playing video games. My son dad has bipolar so I am guessing thats whats wrong with him. I have other children so I know theres something wrong. No this is not normal. I would love to talk with you over the phone. is there a way to send a personal message?
    sbjon responded:
    My son is 10 now and he has been that way since he was about 5 years old. It only got worse with age. My wife and I finally took him to a psychologist for about a year and it was a complete failure. We finally ended up seeing a psychiatrist and it has been a long and difficult couple of years since then. The good news is the psychiatrist finally found a mix of medications that has done wonders for our son, he enjoys life now and my wife and I are back to leading almost normal lives. My suggestion is to see a good child psychiatrist as soon as possible and keep going back until you get a proper diagnosis - which may take years.
    raeofsunshine21 responded:
    Mom's know, just keep trying until a doctor listens to you. You are your child's advocat.e Hope you find answers soon.
    04lisa92 responded:
    Thanks everyone for your advice. We have another appt. at a different hospital with a doctor that specializes in this kind of thing. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can get this figured out soon. :lightsmile:
    luvurkids responded:
    Hello, This is very concerning..I am so sorry you and him are going through this. What had came to my mind immediately is something has happened to him and he is afraid to talk about it. Please know,as a mother we never think something unspeakable could happen to our own child. but it does,I am not saying this is the case....please go to him without anyone around, tell him it is ok to talk to you..nothing will happen to you or him. If you feel in your heart something has then it probably has.Don't be sorry for reaching out; it is great that you have..Also,if you are taking him to a regular MD.they really don't have the grasp or capabilities to help you like a Psychologist that can do a proper evaluation.Please feel free to message back:0) I am a Rn.with 5kiddos :lightsmile:

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