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New here..
kandkmom76 posted:
Hello. I have a seven year old son who 6 months ago was diagnosed with depression, He takes 25mgs of Zoloft and so far we have had a lot of success with this medication. I have been looking for awhile for a message board or something where I could share my experiences as well as hear what other people who also have young children suffering with depression are going through. I have been having a hard time the last few days hearing about Marie Osmond's son as well as that actor from Growing pains committing suicide. I wonder as a parent if I am always going to be on top of my son, making sure he is still taking his medication (if he infact still needs it) I wonder how I am going to make sure he never gets to a place where he feels like death is a better option, I would like to think that I can always control that, but realistically I know that he is going to be on his own someday. Anyway, I would love to hear about other people's experiences. Sometimes I feel like no one understands what we are going through. Thanks
momuv4girls responded:
Am glad your son has had success with Zoloft, that is really great.

In my experience, the most difficult part of medicating a child, is that as they grow, and their chemistry changes, the medication often times stops being effective, and children have such a higher rate of metabolism than adults, its really tricky medicating - - or keeping them at a 'good place'.

I agree about Marie Osmand and the other actor who recently committed suicide. This is a very, very disturbing situation.
I like to think (and believe), that starting my daughter off young on meds has brought her to an awareness about how much better they make her feel (than without them).
My dd started meds at 7, and she is now 10. When we forget her morning meds, she makes me turn around and drive back home to get them before school, because she says she doesn't feel right inside when we forget to take them.
I hope this will just be a way for life for her, like brushing her teeth (well, she doesn't like to do that much...but I think you know what I mean), and not a 'big' deal to take her meds.

I think this organization is wonderful (click on link, but if it doesn't work, you may need to copy/paste) - - I like that it has Glenn Close and Ron Howard behind it, because it makes it more powerful to the general population.

Glad you found us here at webmd. Keep in touch and share your story, because knowledge and support is empowerment !!!
kandkmom76 replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you thank you thank you for your response. I never really thought about it being a benefit starting anti-depressants at such a young age, but what you said made so much sense to me. Hopefully, like you said since our kids started taking medication at a young age, it will be like second nature to them and they won't think twice about always taking them (providing they always do need them) I mentioned we have had success with Zoloft, but I didn't mention that over the last couple of weeks we have been seeing some of the symptoms we saw before he started the medication. I brought it up to his Dr, and she wanted us to wait a week before she increased his dose. He has been sick with a cold so she wanted to see if that was affecting his mood. She said she is hesitant to increase his dose at this point, because she feels he is on a good dose foe his age/size but she will if he continues to be in this slump. It is hard because some days he is great and happy and some days he cries and can't tell me why. It breaks my heart and I just wish I could make him better. Its hard to not feel guilty. Ugh! Anyway, thanks so much for your response. It is so helpful to know that other people are going through the same thing and to hear other people's stories. I wish the best for you and your daughter, Shannon
momuv4girls replied to kandkmom76's response:
You are very welcome Shannon.
I'm sorry your son is having a hard time, depression is very hard to watch in a young child. His Dr. sounds cautious though, and that's good. As minor as a cold can seem, it really does effect our kids more than we think, so waiting before bumping up your son's dose sounds reasonable to me.

Oh, one more thing, don't feel guilty, this is not your fault. Guilt is reserved for something you DID do wrong and knew you shouldn't, or did something bad on purpose - - - You did nothing to cause your son's chemical imbalance, its genetic, and while I'm sure you are a powerful, smart mom, I just don't think you have that much power ;)

The best wishes for the next week......and after that, I hope you son feels better very, very soon.


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