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20 yr old daughter has BP
Vampyrelvr posted:
I have a 20 yr old daughter who has had severe emotional issues since birth and was misdiagnosed over and over again as a child and in her teens. She was finally diagnosed as bipolar a few years ago and started meds to help her. My problem is she keeps feeling fine and she stops taking her meds or takes too much because she doesn't feel fine enough! How can I get her to see that staying on a schedule with her meds will make her the best possible she that she can be?
momuv4girls responded:

Your daughter's response is a common one.
I have a couple of suggestions to possibly help.

First, I'd make sure your daughter has a good understanding of her illness, have her read some books (if she is willing and able).

Here is a link (you will need to copy/past it) to a really helpful website, and some books you might consider ordering.

Second, is I highly suggest finding a really good CBT to work with your daughter on a regular basis.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has proven to improve the lives of many, many people suffering from bipolar and other illnesses in conjunction with medication.

While medication is helpful in getting the patient chemically stable, the patient also must learn coping skills and tools to take them through everyday life - - stressful situations and times when they think they are ''well'', but are not.
Here is a link that offers Dr.s and info on CBT.

Lastly, I think it would be extremely helpful to find a local support group your daughter (and yourself) could attend.
NAMI, has many across the country and so does
If you google both organizations, you can find the group
nearest to you.

Good luck!! I know this disease can be very difficult to live with and witness the ups and downs, but there is great cause for hope.
Take care,
Momtoalys replied to momuv4girls's response:
I am in deparate need of support. My daughter has been diagnosed with BiPolar disorder type 1 with sycosis after being admitted to a rehab for using hard drugs. When she detoxed her symptoms came out. I knew she had a problem and she is 21 years old for the past two years and she was of legal age and I could not force her to go for help. So finally she asked for help. She is still smoking pot and taking medicine but she was on the dean's list in college, an avid reader of many books a week, now all she does is sleep, eat and smoke pot. She gained over eighty pounds. It is so depressing for me as her Mom. I am educated and I have an important full time job, my husband is disabled on the kidney transplant list and this is killing him as well. She acts out at times and it is so hard. Please advise me on where I can go for help. She is in therupy with a phycholigist, a pychaitrist and a drug suppor group called focus that she just started last week.
Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to Momtoalys's response:
Hi Momtoalys,

Please check out the Crisis Assistance link in the left hand side navigation bar.

Since your daughter was in a rehab facility is there a social worker at the facility that you can contact for help in your area?

- Annie

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