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my son was just diagnosed with bipolar
rysmom80 posted:
Hi, I have a 5 yr old son who was just diagnosed with ADHD,ODD and bipolar. this is so tough for me to handle, he is just not happy ever!!. He use to be a happy, energetic and funny little boy, now he just doesn't want to do anything. He harms himself a lot scratches his face, bangs his head, and punches himself. How do you cope with something like that, it breaks my heart to see him like that, and I think its all my fault. I have bipolar II and I feel now that he has it because I have it. He is on meds but now they want to put him on a mood stablizer. I don't like to put him on so much, like how will he be in the future from all this? Please someone help me get thru this tough time and tell me how you deal
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

I urge you to seek out others who have children diagnosed with bipolar.
Have you heard of CABF? Here is the link:

They are a wonderful organization that has been my lifeline since my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed at age 6.5.

There is SO much to learn, I urge you look into joining one of their support groups to connect with others who can offer tips, advice and comfort.

A great child psychiatrist is imperative. This can be your best tool in getting your son to a stable spot.

You don't mention which meds your son is on, but hopefully with your med history they are able to find ones quickly that will help him feel better.

This is NOT your fault - - its genetic. Please don't blame yourself.

Write back anytime for more help and/or support, I am happy to help !!

(((Big Hugs)))
Boyzmomee responded:
This is NOT your fault. People pass on genetic diseases/predispositions all the time. It is not intentional and you have not done anything wrong.

In fact, you have done the right thing by getting help for your son.

Have hope for the future. Research is being done and better treatment will be available over time.

A mood stabilizer might just be the thing to help your son. Does he have a good child psychiatrist?
rysmom80 replied to momuv4girls's response:
he is on concerta 27mg for the ADHD, and they said about putting him on Risperdol a low dose. We just need to get him to the psychiatrist he is an hour away though, but its worth it. I will check into that website

rysmom80 replied to Boyzmomee's response:
The psychiatrist we took him to was for Asperger's, so he only sees pt with autism. He did say they do have a doctor that specializes in mood disorders, but we live and hour away. He is also on concerta 27mg and they said about putting him on Risperdol a low dose so hopefully it helps.

Thanks for the reply,


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