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New Diagnosis
Tyemka posted:
My 11 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6...he has it "severe" and has been on Meds since 2006...when he was 9 he became suicidal, diagnosed with Depression and extreme Anxiety....over the past year and a half or so he began having these Rages...he is violent, nasty, mean, distructive etc....The whole family has been affected by this. This past Friday he was diagnosed as having Bipolar along with the ADHD. ADHD has been a part of my life for 5.5 years now- I know about it, I feel fairly confident in my knowledge.....Bipolar is a whole new, and unknown, world for me- I am trying to research, but I am not finding a whole lot of info. on kids who have both disorders?
Any advice that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated!!! I want to be an advocate and be able to support my "baby" thru this!

Thank you

momuv4girls responded:
Hi Jo,


My daughter was diagnosed almost 4-years ago with bipolar -- she is now 11.
I have been on a quest to educate myself (I'm almost a Ph.D.....just kidding, but feel like it!), and learn how to help her succeed.

My lifeline and education through this process has been CABF.

I joined a support group on the site, and they have become my second family. It is a wonderful thing to become connected with others who walk in our shoes everyday.

Med trials, school, friendships and family life all takes its toll on us parents and the child - - to do it alone is just too difficult.
Finding support is key to our sanity

If you haven't read THE BIPOLAR CHILD yet, I'd urge you to do so, its a wonderful book and an easy read. It really opened up my eyes to childhood bipolar.

Hope to "see" you on CABF, as I am always happy to make new friends !!
Tyemka replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thanks so much, Kathleen....I agree, no one can truly relate to what we experience on a daily basis....even just ADHD, people cannot comprehend, they give you their thoughts and views, etc....I have gone to bpkids, I suppose I am still overwhelmed at the moment!

What support group did you join? I think I will join as well....I need tips from others and the support as well!

Again, thank you so much!

momuv4girls replied to Tyemka's response:
Hi again Jo.......

I am in Support11 - - the ladies and moderators there are fantastic!

I understand how overwhelming this all is at first, but it will get easier over-time. When I first joined the site, I only read......for quite sometime, just absorbing all the info.
It is such a comfort to know you are not alone.
AND tips,,,,,the gals on the site are full of tips and support.

Hope to hear from you again!
lovingmomwithbipolarson replied to momuv4girls's response:

What is Support11 and where can it be found?
momuv4girls replied to lovingmomwithbipolarson's response:
Hi - - -

Sorry for the delay in response, I got busy with life and the girls

Support11 is a group on the CABF website.

(click on the above link I provided)

CABF has over 25 online support groups for parents (caregivers) living with a bipolar child. They have been my lifeline for the past 4-years while I have been my daughters advocate.

This can be a very tough road to navigate, and us parents need all the help we can get !!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to write back!
lovingmomwithbipolarson replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thanks Kathleeen. I'm def going to check it out.

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