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4year old grandson bipolar
oma59 posted:
my grandson (4) was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. please anybody out there who has a young child with the same problem. He is very loving at one point and the next minute he does something mean to his sister or in daycare. his moodswings get out of controll and he needs very little sleep. we love him alot and want to help but it's not easy.his mother is a single parent, no contact to the dad and most people reject him thinking he is just a bad child. he learns very quick just from watching us and is always eager to help around the house and likes everything in it's right place.
gmama61 responded:
wow I am shocked to know that Bipolar Disorder can be diagnosed so young. But this does sound like my 4yo granddaughter. She is the apple of my eye, but sometimes I just wonder about her. Her paternal Grandfather is Bipolar and my sister, her Great Aunt is Bipolar, is this genetic?
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Grandma,

Is your Grandson on any medication ?? Medication management with young children can be difficult, not impossible, but difficult. I hope he has a terrific Child Psychiatrist treating him !!

My daughter was dx at age 6, and the other poster asked, "is it genetic?" - - you bet ya ! Genetics play a huge roll here, as do environmental stressors.

A smaller type daycare would be best and a teacher who is knowledgeable in special ed.

For support, I joined CABF (child and adolescent bipolar foundation)
This wonderful organization has been my lifeline. The website has a TON of useful, important information that us caregivers need to survive. I highly recommend you looking into it !!

Take good care, and write back anytime!
An_236144 responded:
I too have a 4yr old grandson, whose single parent mom, we believe has bipolar (since the pregnancy, though) ... He is a smart, intelligent little boy who doesn't sleep much, watching tv most of the time and loves computer games. It is difficult to explain just how his mood/actions change from one minute to the next. He could be sitting next to you and then suddenly bash you on the nose or pull your hair or smack you across the face. Problem is both his mom and her mother do seem oblivious of this rather unnatural behaviour of his. He often has a cold or cough and doesn't eat well. He comes for weekends with his meds (cold & flu) and will tell you that he needs his medicine because he is ill (and this happens even when he is not ill). The mother has an anger problem as she flings things at you if you do not do what she wants you to do..... Help !!!!
momuv4girls replied to An_236144's response:
I'm not sure there is much you can do for your young grandson if his mother refuses to believe anything is wrong.

You would need to be his primary care giver and have legal rights to seek medical treatment for him.

That's too bad his mom doesn't see his behavior a problem.
If he truly is bipolar, then he will get worse -- no doubt about it.

I would arm myself with knowledge, that way, when life goes further down hill, you can offer help and support.

There is the fantastic book THE BIPOLAR CHILD (here is the link)

I would urge you to purchase and read it, if you think your Grandson's mom would read it, then pass it along to her.

There is also the wonderful organization
The website is filled with a ton of great should check it out.

Keep up the great support Grandma, your g-son is lucky to have you care and love him so much!


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