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Child depressed
llemus posted:
My 8 your child recently was diganoused withe depression and is currently taking prozac to help. i have noticed a difference in her she seems more happy but contuines to think sucide thought at times. she usually thinks about suicde when she get upset or is saden by what someone said to her. I just wonderind if you all had any advice as far as explaining how serious the situiton is to her brother which is 11 and little sister which is 7.I have talked with them both but they seem to not care as much I would hope for. I try and treat all the kids equally but it is very diffculty being a sing mother with a ful time job. In the past before my daughter was diganoused with deprresion my daughter was perfect angel ..she still is but she never said nothen never put up fight or argued always did waht she was told . Stil does but it seems that she has been straving for affection and attention. I am trying to give her more attention but equal attention. and the other two kids see it as your just saying that or doing that because of what she did.. That hurts her feelings .. she wants to feel loved and wanted. I am trying my best to make sure she feels that way but its hard when the other talk that way. when its not true,.. I am shocked about how much they dont care about there sister feelings and saftey... any advice would help. We are going to go to counciling but not for another month. thanks
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

Just to back up a bit here............who diagnosed and who is medicating your daughter? - I mean what type of Dr. and what kind of evaluation process did she go through?

Thoughts of suicide are serious (children do kill themselves), and should be brought to the Dr.s attention ASAP.

Prozac can make suicide thoughts (and actions) more pronounced.
Waaaaaaaay back when my daughter was first diagnosed with a mood disorder (primarily depression), I just thought a Dr. prescribes medication and poof, the child will begin to feel better and that will be that. ......... NOPE, wrong.

Children need constant medication monitoring, changing meds, upping doses, lowering doses. And like I mentioned above, sometimes certain medication can make them worse.

It takes a smart, qualified Child Psychiatrist to medicate and diagnose.

About the other children . . . . . it is not unusual for siblings to "not care" about what is going on in their siblings world. Children don't understand the severity of mental illness.
They know if their sister is mean, they know if she is nice - they don't understand depression or thoughts of suicide.

In closing, I urge you to contact the Dr. who is medicating your daughter and tell them how she is doing and about her suicidal thoughts - it is serious.

Take care, and write back anytime.
llemus replied to momuv4girls's response:
She was diganoused by her pediadtition , child doctor. my sister goes to him for kids that have ADHD and bi-polar so i know he is good and ver knowledgable. the doctoor know about her suicdald thought and attempt, thats why I took her to the docotor I dint know she was deprssed before she did that . She had being werid for about a month prior. I am watching her closel on her medince and it si know that prozac can increase the thougths of sucide even more but hopefully she contuines to do well with the meds. thanks for your advice..

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