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Anyone with a child who has add/bipolar? Need some advice, etc.
addbipolarmom posted:

I have a 12 year old daughter who is being treated with inattentive add/depression, but I think she might be bipolar, and not too sure about the add thing. This is the first time she's been evaluated by a pdoc but we've been going to a therapist and she thinks my daughter is more bipolar (1) than anything else.

She's been on Celexa 10 mg for about 4 months but still has bouts of sadness and a lot of anxiety/anger issues, especially if she has issues with friends or doesn't get enough sleep. The pdoc added Adderall to the Celexa thinking it would help with the supposedly add and omgosh it turned her totally manic. We had to give her clonazepam to get her to chill out and she basically became a teenage happy drunk! She doesn't even remember how she was coming off the stuff. It was kinda scary.

Anyway...he's now got her on extended release Ritalin...hoping that would work better than the Adderall, as we think it dumped too much med into her system all at once. Sigh. This totally sucks, going through the trial and error with the meds. But I know that's the only way of finding out what works.

How do you parents cope with this? We've already had a bad 12 months in our family. My husband lost his job recently and we are mourning over the tragic loss of our 14 year old son who was killed in a boating accident in July.

Thanks for your comments.
momuv4girls responded:
Oh my gosh, I am so very, very sorry about your son's death.
You guys are dealing with SO much right now, I hope you have some good support through family, friends and/or church ?? You will need it.

As far as your daughter goes.....I hope the pdoc is being cautious about the ritalin, seeing as your daughter had such a manic reaction to the Adderall.

Its very, very tricky to diagnose children because so many symptoms can over-lap. For instance, my daughter "looks" ADD, but when her medications are right on, her inattention is very minimal, but when her meds are off, she acts ADD - (she has a mood disorder). Yet she can not tolerate any ADD meds, because she flips out, is aggressive, manic and will try risky behavior.

If the Celexa isn't doing the trick, has the pdoc thought of switching meds? Do the pdoc and tdoc (therapist) talk?

Here is a really great website that has been my lifeline since my daughter was diagnosed. I urge you to check it out for support.
There are tons of parents on there that deal with kids like ours everyday and are super helpful and supportive.

Take care of yourself (self-care is super important so you can take care of your family).

((((((((((Big Hugs)))))))))))
LillyCat2554 responded:
I am so sorry to hear about your loss! Dealing with a bipolar child is difficult. I have 2. My son was diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs ago at age 10 and now my daughter at age 14. She is the one I am having the most difficulty with. I do not remember a time when life has been "normal". Lately it seems that every day is a constant battle of emotions. Traditional discipline measures never work and as a parent you have to learn to pick your battles. I have found that counseling helps - for everyone!! If it wasn't for that - I would probably be a total mess. A good counselor can help you cope with all that you are going through. We do not have to do this alone!!

Good luck to you. Stay strong.

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