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Stressed Mom
jsphotographer posted:
My almost 7 year old son has been diagnosed with Bipolar, Intermiitent Explosive Disorder, ODD, he also has extreme sensory problems. He had to be admitted already, and now his doctor thinks he has ADHD, and we are still waiting for the results to come back that will determine if he has Aspergers. He is verbally and physically agressive towards his almost 9 year old brother along with myself, dad, and others as well. He doesn't have agressive behavior at school, but educationally he is having a hard time. I feel like I try and try, but get no where. I'm currently working with the school to get him an IEP, so he can get OT. I'm also working on getting him a weighting blanket. Does anyone have any ideas or soothing techniques?
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

Has your son had a Neuropsychological evaluation? Is he inpatient now?

It is not uncommon for children with mood issues to have ADHD as a comorbid diagnosis - the tricky part is, typically if a child truly does have bipolar, then medicating for ADHD is not recommended because stimulant type medications can make the child much worse off.
So hopefully the team of Dr.s treating your son are knowledgeable and smart about pediatric mood issues.

A child with sensory issues can feel very disregulated - a weighted blanket is a good idea. There are also pressure vests that can be worn (or weighted vests) during the day.
An OT evaluation would be great in order to figure out your son's needs since every child is different.

Bean Bag chairs that snuggle a child in can be helpful and make the child feel safe - especially if you cover them in a weighted blanket.

This is a neat website, with a lot of good ideas....maybe you've seen it before, but if not here it is:

Take care Mom, and write back anytime!
sydamangrif responded:
I have posted about my 14 year old on this site. She has bipolar, adhd, epilepsy, a learning disability, and cannot read social cues. She also goes into manic rages, has an IEP. She would pick fights with her 2 siblings just to get out the rages. We used to rap her in a blanket when she was 7 until she calmed down, cried it out, then apologized. I know what you are going through. I have been going through it for 7 years as a single parent. Realizing I could not keep her safe and she was negatively affecting my other 2 children, she is now living with her dad. Still, she has been hospitalized over 15 times, and I have had to call the police and tell her she is in a bipolar rage and they come along with the paramedics to the hospital. My suggestion, get the IEP and be vigilant. No one will care or love or fight for your child as much as you will. I had to give up the hope of mainstreaming her before she got to high school. She began self-injuring herself and getting extremely depressed and having suicidal ideation. These kids have a high risk of drug/alcohol abuse to self-medicate so watch that. Also, I fought and got her into a therapeutic day school which the district has to pay and it is year round where she gets daily access to a therapist and group therapy. Atleast I know she is safe at school. I am so sorry there are so many of us going through this and my prayers are with you.

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