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    Mood Disorder in my 9 year old daughter.....seeking advise.
    scall393 posted:
    It has been a long, long road for my daughter and I. Early on I heard from teachers, family, sitters, and friends that my daughter was SO ACTIVE! Hyper. I didn't see a problem. Yes, she did like to keep busy, especially with her legs and hands alway up and about. She was never one to veg out in front of the TV which I thought was great. I recieved alot of "advise" and "pity". The advise was TAKE HER TO THE DR FOR SOME MEDS! I didn't appreciate it at all!

    I refused it mostly because I didn't want that to be my first option. I went for numerous school meetings from head start-now as she is getting ready for 5th grade. Through 2nd grade, I tried to get the school to help me figure out ways to help her succeed with our medications. Find a way to help her learn, try techniques first before asking I medicate her. My daughter did so poorly with grades from Kindergarten up. It was heart breaking to watch. She tried so hard and the more it went on the more her self esteem decreased. Finally we went to the pediatrician.

    The Dr tells me that she believes ADHD is symptematic of something more that she isn't comfortable treating it. I asked numerous times for her to ellaborate on this. Why didn't she tell me sooner, if she saw "things" that led her to this suspicion. I did not want to jup the gun and go to a physciatrist right away. I found another pediatrician who agreed to TRY the meds first. The worst happened......exactly what both pediatricians told me would if there was an underlying issue. My daughter was so angry, and mad about any and everything. She was so hard to be around. Relationships with her teachers, friends, siblings, parents, even bystanders in a store would be subject to her anger. We were refered to the Treatment Center for Children in Richmond, VA.

    There we have been for the last year and a half! A long year and a half! This is such a huge nightmare for us and we struggle to find the right treatment for her. She will be 10 next month and is now in full blown puberty which is proving to make the problem that much more challenging. We have had to switch medications several times. She is under an IEP at school and has been since the beginnning. Her grades this past year were b and c all the way which are the best ever!

    Sadly, we aren't in a stable place still. We had some problems with her crying significantly for days a time for no reason that she could speak of. Dr beleived it to be some depression. She is really low, ( sad, crying, not wanting to do anything, really high, (more excited than should be for things, hyper, silly when it comes to boys, or extremely angry, hurtful, and mean. Ughhhhh I don't know what to do.

    Her Psyciatrist is reccommending therapy as well to aid in her treatment. I am trying to find the appropriate place. I need to learn to deal with her better and handle the situations that sometimes are so overwhelming especially after a long day at work. RACSB is our area community services board. I am beginning the process there, but am not sure of it. They handle substance abuse, kids with behavior problems, parents who drink, do drugs, or abuse kids and kids of abuse mostly. I am worried of the best place for her to get help on controlling what she can of the moods.

    I don't know who to talk to about this. I want her to grow and be happy, successful. I saw one post where the child was stable for a year. I long for 1 year.....

    Suggestions appreciated...
    momuv4girls responded:
    Hi Mom,

    I feel your pain and anguish........I'm sorry ((((((HUGS)))))!

    I highly suggest you looking into

    I joined a support group and they have been my lifeline since my daughter was diagnosed at age 7.

    I can tell you want to help your daughter and are feeling desperate.....this is an awful spot to be in, but have faith, it can get better, it really can. With the proper meds and therapy, life can get easier!!

    Take care and look into the link I won't be sorry!

    More ((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))
    scall393 responded:
    Thank you Kathleen. I have checked it out and been assigned to support group # 3.
    momuv4girls replied to scall393's response:
    Yay! I am glad you signed up, it is a wonderful organization!

    All the best to you!

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