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15 year old with bipolar. Stop taking her meds
tigger posted:
Hello i am new to this and I was reading some of the stories. I have a 15 year old daughter who was diganosed with bipolar 5 years ago and this past june she decided that she is no longer going to take her meds. It has been a rollercoaster ride for years but now me and my husband are at our wits end. She refuses to take any meds, she does see a consuler every week. Which to me does not always seem to help if she goes to school I am lucky. She always is fighting with her brother she is always moody, she thinks that every boy she meets she needs to be in love with. We have tryed talking to her and it turns into a fight, I have noticed since she has stoped taking her meds ( i do not know how long they stay in the system for) but it has been 3 months and she is talking like a 2 year old, said that a gost grabed her arm, and of course we don't love her, we are mean, we don't care ect. It is very hard on me and my husband we blamed ourselfs for years and still do in a way, it just seemed to happen like overnight (at least it seemed that way) We have done everything that is asked of us from her school right down to her counsler. It is very frustrating because it seems like we are getting no where with her at all. My family knows and some belive that she is just doing this to get attention. Others do not understand her and think that it is a punch of bull. There are times that I feel that she will act out to get her way, It is always a suprize of what we well get each day, she does it help with an adivocate that takes her places, and try's to get her to talk like a civial kid, she does try to get her to be nice to her brother, the only thing that i do not like is they take her places and buy her things and my son does not get that and of course now he feels left out and that his sister gets all these things. We do try to give him a little extra once in a while to be fair and of course she will chime in that it is not fair that he got something and she did not it is always a constinte balttle.
There are days that i just want to give up and let her due what ever instead of fighting with her. I document when she goes to school and when she does not go. Then we are conflicted with if we should put her on pins or not part of wants to and part of me does not. Me and my husband some how manage to keep each other in check there are days that we both just want to quit and wash our hands of her and of course we can not do that she is our child. We love our chidren and would and have done all that we feel we can do but it does not seem like it is enough.
Thank you for reading this it feels good to know that i am not alone
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

Have you checked in to some local support for yourself?
NAMI has a lot of chapters and they offer family support.
Here is the link to find one in your area:

There is also the online support from

I belong to both groups, and I have to say, they have kept my sanity ; )

This is not an easy journey, but I am glad you and your husband have stuck together, it makes it all a bit easier.....

tigger replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you I do go talk to a therpist in my community. And it does help she is wonderful. But there are those days I am glad that I found this discussion board to because it is nice to know that we are not the only ones who feel helpless at times. I will defenially look into the information you gave me
again thank you have a wonderful day


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