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    How to cope after a failed suicide
    vera1432 posted:
    Hi, My 18 year old daughter attempted suicide two weeks ago. She spent three days in a facility and is now doing an outpatient program. Her therapist/psychiatrist has placed her on several medications. My question is, how do I and my family deal with this? We are all afraid of saying the wrong thing to her that could set her off. I have no trust in her and I have pulled all medications and placed them in a safe, I give her the medications when it is needed. I understand that she can find other means to try again, but how do me and my family let go of our anger and try to trust her?
    momuv4girls responded:
    So, I am wondering if the suicide attempt came on out of the blue, or has your daughter had mental health issues prior?

    Your family needs support - have you looked into your local NAMI organization? If not, I highly suggest you doing so.

    Does your daughter have a good psychiatrist ? I also would find reallllllllly good psychologist (preferably female) that your daughter can bond with. Once you find one, the family can go in and learn how to interact with your daughter in a productive / positive manner.

    I'm sorry this happened, but hopefully your daughter will feel better now, knowing she can share her feelings with professionals and her family.

    Take care,
    An_250861 responded:
    My first suggesting is that you also make an appointment with a therapist for a family session. My son was hospitalized three times last year because of suicide attempts, he is also 18. After the first time we did not seek any therapy for ourselves, just for our son. The second time three months later we realized that we also needed help in dealing with this. Our therapist was blunt with us but also gave us some very helpful advice. Probably one of the most important thing to remember is that you can't let this situation control your whole life. I know it is so hard to do, not to constantly be on pins and needles and afraid to say or do the wrong thing. You and your family didn't cause this and you can't fix it either. Give her support and love and be there to listen. She needs to continue with the professional help. Also make sure she continues with the medication and if you don't see improvement talk to her psychiatrist about making adjustments. After our son's last time in the hospital he is finally on medication that seems to be making a difference.
    It sounds like she is getting help and that is a start. I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this. Hang in there and take care of yourself also.

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