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Long term use of Abilify
lucyontheground posted:
My 12 yo daughter has recently (about a month ago) started on abilify 2.5 mg, for treatment of anger and anxiety as well as to get rid of the voice in her head. She had started cutting herself and was really in a crisis.Despite misgivings, I thought she needed it and she, most importantly, really wanted to feel better so we thought we'll give it a try. It has worked so far, with no real side effects that we've noticed, but I worry about putting a child, with a brain that is not fully developed, on such strong medications and can't find any studies of longer term use (ie more than a month or two) in children. I think it's only recently been approved for use in children at all, which is probably why. If anyone can share their experiences with Abilify and their child, I would really appreciate it. The idea of tardive diskinesia scares me to pieces. The psychiatrist seems very causal about it all, which is not terribly reassuring.
Thank you!
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Lucy,

I read your other post too, and thank you for the well wishes : )

Raising a child with mental struggles can be very isolating/frustrating and plain HARD!
For 7-years I have been a member of The Balanced Mind
and they have been my education and lifeline. I urge you to look into them. It really is a fantastic group of parents. I belong to 2-online support communities and look forward to connecting with others everyday that share similar struggles with their child.

As far as the medication piece goes, this is the justification for medicating......
There is something called "the kindling model", where as a person who has multiple rages over time - it will create pathways in the brain that are reinforced - thus making rages more easily triggered....similar to seizures - the more seizures a person has, the more likely they are to keep having seizures.
Here is an interesting article:

No one likes to medicate their child, and I totally understand your fears and concerns. Over time, with your daughter being stable, the likelihood she may not need medications as an adult increases too.
Unfortunately for my daughter, we have had to increase medications and change it up a bit when she hit 13 (thanks to puberty) - but every child is different, so hopefully your daughter will continue to do well. I sure hope so!!

Take care, and I hope to see you on The Balanced Mind ; )
needingguidance replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you for your words. My 12 year old has been diagnosed with major depression since Jan. And the road has been slow, hard and very stressful. She started on prozac and seroquel in April as well as sees a psychologist weekly. I do not feel like much progress has been made. We see the psychiatrist tomm and she may need to switch her meds again because these do not seem to be effective. She is leaving for a three week sleep away camp in two weeks and am worried about switching meds at this time, yet I hate wasting 3 weeks of time of trying to find something that will work.

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