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I'm 17
xthegirlnextdoorx posted:
I'm not sure if kids can post in this discussion but I really could use the advice....I'm 99.999999% sure I have bipolar depression, but my parents don't believe anything is wrong. Whenever I get extremely sad or angry they either just ignore me or tell at me. They believe that "nothing could ever be wrong with anyone in the family" , my mom tells me all the time "you're fine, it's all in your head"...I've been self harming (cutting) for almost 3 years now, and only a few of my friends know; and I don't dare tell my parents because my dad says people who self harm and cut are stupid...for around 2 years now I've been having thoughts of suicide and I've had to hold myself back from doing things (I.e sticking my hand down the disposal or jumping off the second story of my house, ect), I guess my question would be how do I tell my parents and get help when they don't even believe that what I'm going through is anything to be concerned about?
momuv4girls responded:
Hi, I am glad you wrote, but sorry you are having a difficult time.

Is there ANY adult you really connect with and trust? An Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Friend's parent etc... that you could share your feelings with?
Finding someone to listen to you is really important.....
Is it summer break now for you? I ask, because a school counselor can be helpful too - but if its summer, we'll need to look elsewhere for an adult.

Some parents, for whatever reason, can have a difficult time understanding / facing the fact that their child needs help.

You look fine, and act fine to them, so you must be fine, period! Unfortunately, a person with depression is not fine, and needs help and compassion.

I will send a few links for you to explore and if you have any questions or need someone to "chat" with, please write back dear.

(The below link for NAMI is good, because you can find local support by just calling the office nearest to you - they are SUPER kind, and helpful)

Take care!!
xthegirlnextdoorx replied to momuv4girls's response:
Thank you so much for replying it really means a lot to me(: and it is summer break so theres no one really from my school that can help because I would imagine anything with school is on the bottom of their list to worry about I would tell someone in my family but they seem to busy with their personal lives; I have an uncle who is an alcoholic and is a drug addict so most of their attention is on him thank you for the links and your help(: i'll check the links out and thank you again!
sadmom1225 responded:
I am a mom of a 16 year old daughter who was diagnosed with depresession 8 months ago. Sadly, I had the same opinions as your parents until I saw the marks from self harm on my daughter's arm and legs. You need to talk to your mom. As hard as it is. I am glad I made my daughter talk to me. It was hard for me; I won't lie and tell you it was easy to hear.. and I was in denial. But I did the right thing and I found us a local therapist for teens with depression and it was the best thing I ever did. I am learning a lot about chemicals of the brain and how medication can help with depression. And she is getting the talk therapy she needs along with a low dose of medication to help. I hope you can find a way to talk to your Mom.. I really do. My heart goes out to you!

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