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Do I have Fibro?
julietud posted:
I have had so much blood work done - all negative. Doctor thinks I may have fibro but not sure. Do you have to have pain upon touch? I dont. But I do have all over body pain, fatigue, blurred vision, bad stomach during flare ups, and more. I have flare ups now more often. Alcohol and excercise intolerance too! I cant take meds - I hate side effects. Trying a holostic approach now.

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Karate2012 responded:
I have pain on te touch and ive been recentally diagnosed with it because i have had the pains for the last couple months chronic pains and thing.. Exercise is hard for me to i as well get the same as you with pains fatigue and stomach issue no blurry vision though.Ive just started the meds but i found the best thing is heat any form of it has help clam me and going to get a massage and stretching hurts a lot and almost impossible but it helps in the end.. I hope this helps
julietud replied to Karate2012's response:
What med diid they put u on? I am staying away from meds for now, too many side effects. I have gone on a gluten free diet for few months. They think i could have a food interolance which wouldnt show in blood work if not high enough. keep in touch, let me know how the med works. Good luck.

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