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justluv posted:
Hello, I am new here and wondered if anyone felt like me, disgusted and depressed.... I know the holidays are suppose to be a happy time but I feel like everything is falling down around me. Please someone reply to me cause I need a friend that understands.....
strengthening responded:
I understand. I was able to enjoy the holidays but it was difficult to be all that I used to be before this illness. I have had symptoms for a year now. I hate it. As I'm writing this my arms are hurting and a few other things... I have days where I am positive and I just accept it and deal with it and then I have horrible days where I just keep asking why? and get so angry and sad and am almost speechless. It has taken me awhile to help my friends and family understand exactly how I feel and what I go through. I have done this by sharing with them articles and webmd newsletters. I have never been someone who wallows in self pity and don't like to be a downer and share my woes, etc. But I have found that I need to be more open with my feeling and my daily suffering with those around me because if I don't I get angry because they don't understand. How can I expect anyone to understand or be helpful if they don't know what I need or what I'm going through? It's a learning experience daily. I have found out quickly who my real friends are and have realized the depth of capacity of caring of others too. Some people just can't or won't understand. And it is better and healthier for me to surround myself with those who don't challenge me too much to explain, justify, or feel like I have to defend myself. Life is hard enough, physically, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I will pray for you that you feel some comfort today and some peace in knowing that you aren't alone and that there will be brighter days. The best advice I have is from personal experience: Enjoy the good days and do what you can to smile and be active. And on the bad days take care of yourself and give yourself what you need. Don't feel guilty about resting. Smile on the outside. Love others. Learn to see yourself as a gift and a beautiful mess. God Bless you.
justluv replied to strengthening's response:
Thank you strengthening for replying back to me. I really do appreciate it very much. Your response made me feel good. One of my problems with this disease is I have no friends. I don't get out much, I just pretty well keep my mouth shut about everything in my life and thats probably why I feel so bad all the time. I do have a boyfriend but he doesnt understand anything.... he's a guy, you probably know what I'm talking about. Lol. I wish I had some positive people I could surround myself with would do me some good. Thank you again for responding to me. I hope we can be friends and talk some more and maybe you can give me some tips. God Bless you.

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