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Sleep aids lyme disease and fibromyalgia
firefae25 posted:
I discovered two causes of fibromyalgia. I was put on temezepam for sleep and after a little while I developed fibromyalgia. It blocks rem sleep. So titrate down from your narcotics and stay on rx sleep meds. It takes about 3 weeks to correct the issue. The other cause I know of is lyme disease. The blood test for lyme disease is only 50% accurate so if sleep aids don't help you definately have it. There is a 100% accurate psa urine test if you'd like to know right away. BTW I have no medical degree.

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Spence1999 responded:
stress, and I don't sleep without sleeping pills, and I'm still up every few hours all nite long.
kylersnanna7 responded:
Hi new here & was dx with Fibro in 2000. I was just tested for Lyme 2 days ago but have not gotten the results back yet. I would like to know about this 100% accurate psa test please? As for the temezepam, I was put on it to help me sleep a few months ago & it worked for a short time but like I said I was dx in 2000. So I'm going to read the poll now but wanted to ask about the test. Thanks!

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