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Fibro without Tender Points/trigger points??? Impossible???
An_243588 posted:
Hi all!
I am knew here & had a quick question or two. I have NOT been dx'd w/ Fibro yet, but I have had a lot of the same symptoms as fibro for several years, with no real reason as to where each of them are coming from (fatigue, shortness of breath, digestive issues/IBS, chest pain/acid reflux, headache, muscle weakness after short amount of time in using muscles, generalized skin pain for no reason ( pressure & light brushing). The main thing I DON'T have are any of the 18 trigger points that are required for an official diagnosis of Fibro.

My question is, therefore, can you HAVE fibro with NONE of the trigger/tender points at all??? And if not, does that only leave Lupus & RSD? My hair is also thinning for a few years now (I'm 0nly 36yf female). The allodynia comes & goes, and when it's at its worst, it's only a few days...not very disruptive. But my concern is how bad some say this symptom can get, & I just wanted to deal with it with an official diagnosis from my doc, if I can. but I thought I could rule out Fibro from the lack of trigger points. Any ideas on Fibro w/o trigger points? Is it possible, or IMpossible? Thanks fo your help!

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