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fibro-melt-down... possible?
namann posted:
I've been living with the symptoms of Fibrmyalgia most of my adult life, but have only recently been diagnosed (about a month ago). Have been trying to manage stress in my job and pacing myself, but now got to the point where I have to admit to the fact that my job is too stressful and I'l have to stop wotking sooner. (I don't need to work and have decided to quit the end of this year.)
Yesterday, after a particularly long and busy week, I all of a sudden started to shake all over and then started to cry and cry for no reason at all. It didn't stop for 3 hours and a friend of mine called my husband to pick me up at work. I could not drive my own car and it feels as if my brain does'nt function well. Went to the doctor and he prescribed pills to make me sleepy and relax my muscles. I have to go back to work on Monday, but am so scared I will not be able to do my job (I am a teacher). What had happened to me yesterday? What do I do now?
limpylizard responded:
I am new to this site also, but have done that and been there too, I think your crying jag (as I call them) is a combination of the stress and the overwhelming diagnosis of FM! There is a relief felt at just the knowing something is not all in your head but also a fear of what do I do now. I have had FM for over 20 years now and I still jag out everyonce in a while, but a good cry is healthy. and the 'your brain not working' is fibro fog" I also get that, I can't remember words I want to use? I am at an age, 62, that I just blame it on senior moments. It took me a long time but I decided to chuck the 9-5 and take early retirement, on my good days I love to get out in the garden, weather permiting, and on my bad days I sit and watch my feathered friends outside, I am also an avid birder. I also do not sleep? it is after midnight and still no sign of the sandman on the horizon? but since I am retired it does not make much difference, I usualy get 5-6 hr's sleep a night. Keeping AS active as possible helps. I hate that advice, my Dr's favorite lecture LOL, especially on one of my bad days when all I want to do is find a comfy spot and sit! Some of the things I find helpfull are Hot Showers, catching up on all the reading I didn't find the time for, and as I mentioned birding and snapping pictures of them. I do hope you find time for yourself to relax and enjoy life. Best of luck
namann replied to limpylizard's response:
thanks! it helps so much to know I'm not alone on this planet!
Sleepless nights... Someone told me to start taking it slow from late-afternoon and start to unwind and not do activities that stimulates the brain before bedtime. Still have to make time to try THAT one LOL.
I'm trying to take it much slower now and have resigned my job - will stop working in a month or so. It will be school holidays soon and that will also help - that constant noise of a whole class of busy 10 year olds (I'm a theacher) is just not helping much.
I've tried the hot showers and hot baths and that really helps.

Hope you find something that works for those loooong nights:-)
limpylizard replied to namann's response:
You are definately not alone, altho I know how that feeling goes, I am glad to hear you are going to stop working, I know the stress is not good, and glad the hot showers and baths helped, I find on those long nights getting in my recliner, which may I add has heat and a vibrator (aaahhhh), with my latest magazine or book to read, a glass of tea and to the utter dismay of my wasteline a peanut-butter sandwitch in one hand and the remote in the other sure makes the night seem less endless lol ! I am also getting ready to start on Two Baby afgans which should use up some night time, If I may brag a bit I just became the Great Gramma to a set of beautiful twin girls.
I hope when you do get to retire you will notice a change for the better in your stress/pain level. Will be think about you and glad to hear from you.

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