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how to handle fibro
famouspoet1999 posted:
I was recently diagnosed with fibro and I am trying to handle it but not doing so well at times. My husband has back and hip problems and is looking at spinal surgery soon. I feel guilty about asking him for help when I know he hurts somewhat as much as I do. Plus he is military so he works 15 hour days. I can't ask much of my children, they are 2 and 6. Our family is too far away to help on a daily basis and I am starting to feel the stress of the fibro emotionally. I also have migraines, periods that make me vomit, numbness, osteoarthritis. RLS, IBS, I don't sleep and I have memory problems. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways I can change things so that I can handle this better and don't become depressed?
trgonzalez responded:
The pain can make life terribly difficult. The way that I manage it during my flair ups is trying to keep to a schedule. Make yourself do things. Yes it hurts and is uncomfortable but the movement doesn't cause any damage. Whenever I can, I take hot baths. I also take full advantage of any pools in the area. Being in the water really helps with a great number of things.

I am sorry that you are going through all of this and I hope you can find a way for things to work out for you. Are you taking any medications? When I am not pregnant, I take Cymbalta; so does my mother (who also has fibro).
famouspoet1999 replied to trgonzalez's response:
I take tramadol three times a day, gabapentin twice a day, flexiral at bedtime, abmbien at bedtime, orthtricyclin (birth control), zomig twice a day (migraines) and ibuprofen twice a day. My biggest problem is the severe back pain I have right now. My insurance won't cover a breast reduction (36E and I am 5'5) until I lose some weight. I take the meds like they say but it only helps with the trigger points. My back pain is due to my breasts and I try to work out but I can't for every long and well my pcm (military spouse) says there is no point in putting in a referral no matter how bad I need it because they won't approve it until the weight I have gained with the fibro goes away. How can I keepit from getting me down. It has been six years since this started with my insurance rejected the first referral. I feel stressed out all the time because I am in so much pain and my children don't even ask me to do things anymore because they tell their daddy, mommy can't (play, run, walk) with us. That hurts worse than anything. I am lucky If I can make it 10 minutes walking 4 times a day.

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