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IC and, Fibro
marysxx posted:
Is anyone else having bladder issues with their Fibro? Its the worst part of this condition.
Leelee51 responded:
Hi, yes after all these years I finally figured out intercystil cystitis goes with Fibro. It is terrible!
marysxx replied to Leelee51's response:
Bladder pain is diffently the worse pain, along with everything eelse that goes on. Since I last wrote stated about my bladder pain, I have discovered that Lecithin vitamins REALLY do help with bladder pain, or any nerve pain. Try them next tome you have this type of discomfort. They are better than taking nueronton anyday. Without any side effects!
solme2 replied to Leelee51's response:
hi leelee51, i also suffer w terrible bladder pain. accupunture has helped w that pain ....had accupuncture for that particular problem 6 ms ago and have not had any more pain there until this last week ...unfortunetly for me i m starting to have symptoms again.....was pain free from june 1st till aug 27th today i feel myself falling its going to be a hellish winter i can fell it in my bones best wishes

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