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Help...Please Idon't want to be crazy
debbieann57 posted:
I have had Fibromyalgia for 31 years, now all of a sudden everything is falling apart, 3 months ago I was in the hospital for awhile with Blood Clots going in my heart. Still on blood thinners, had a problem with my heart, and then last week I fell ( don't let anyone tell you that fat bounces,it doesn't). I messed up my wrist, arm, knee and back. My Doctor is now telling me to get a cane or a walker! What I'm only 58! Does this sound right to you or am I nuts? Please someone talk to me. And why is everything begin stupid now with me. Thank you so very much. Debbie
Chomi responded:
Debbie, hang in there. I'm a 70 year old woman and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this past summer. My headache neurologist told me I had it and my internist agreed with that diagnosis. When I tried to get help from the doctor who diagnosed me he told me he was no longer treating pain and referred me to a pain clinic. I was at my wits end so I emailed my previous internist (who had moved out of stae) and he told me about something called a Meyer's Cocktail. I will be starting that regimen in the next couple of weeks.

The Cocktail is made up of vitamins and magnesium and is given by infusion (IV) once a week to start. To learn more Google Meyer's Cocktail and inform yourself. There's nothing like arming yourself with good information. If I can help you in anyway by answering your questions I'll be happy to do that.

By the way, I, too, took one awful fall last spring so I know what you're talking about. I had to have dental surgery to push my upper front teeth back into place and wore heavy-duty braces for ten weeks. I may still lose those teeth. I also broke a knee cap and now have to see yet another neurologist every six months to keep an eye on a cyst they found on my brain. So far so good.

My doctor did give me an Rx for Xanax so cope with those times that just get to be too much. I'm just now pulling out of the latest hole. I haven't been out of my house for about three and a half weeks but I'm going to try for tomorrow if it isn't too cold.

Good luck and keep on keeping on.

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