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Diagnosed with fibro but my symptoms don't seem to fit with others with fibro
goodfrybread posted:
I was diagnosed with fibro several years ago. First the top of my head and roof of my mouth started tightening up, then my head was getting hard to turn from side to side. Then my upper back started to spasm up so tight it was choking the blood supply to my head and face and all I could do was flop on my stomach and try to relax so the spasm would stop. No amount of stretching would release my upper back. The toe nails on my big toes were turning bluish black. After 2 years of that I finally pulled my head forward and down as hard as I could to try to stretch the upper spine and I felt my upper spine finally pulling apart like it had been gummed up all around it. It came loose enough to stop the spasms and my toe nails cleared right up. My upper back spasms were cutting my blood supplies off. I'm still really tight in my upper spine and all around my wing bones. The connective tissue all over my back top and bottom, is so tight I can't tolerate laying on my back. Now my lower spine is all tightened up between L5 and sacrum. The left side right next to my spine is tight from top to bottom and into glutes. When I drove I had to hold myself up when I went around corners because it seemed there was no base to my butt to keep me from going sideways. Finally went to phys therapy and in trying to loosen the left side of sacrem the guy actually loosened something in my butt so when I turned a corner my butt was able to hold me up instead of using my hand. This is so bizarre! I'm going to a girl who does skin rolling so I can try to sleep on my back. She said I was tight and there were 4 layers of muscle to go thru. I'm exercising trying to strengthen my spine and stretching my shoulder blades. Making small headway. Can lay on my back on the floor now but not in a bed. Down to 3 1/2" of memory foam over a bedboard and is still hard to lay on my back. Was told by girl at massage that some of the muscles around my shoulder blades are contracted and don't release. She's trying to strech them. Is this fibromyalgia? I'm on meds for sleep and depression. Anyone ever heard of these symtoms?

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