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Diagnosed 15 years ago...
GeorgieGirl72 posted:
I am at a loss. I have been up and down the scale of painkillers and NOTHING has worked. I am not comfortable using herbal supplements, because I am on prescriptions that would probably interact with them. So, I am at a loss of what else to do for pain. Suggestions please.

On a similar note, about a year ago, I began having more severe pain in my elbows and wrists. The pain seemed to 'migrate' from joint to joint and now my left thumb all the way to my wrist is swollen and so painful I must wear a metal stabilizing wrist brace. There are some times that even that does not prevent sudden, severe pain. I have never injured my left wrist and I am right handed. Any suggestions here?

Lastly, I live in Oklahoma. I live North of Oklahoma City and I am looking for a doctor who could help me out with my Fibro. Sadly, I lack insurance. Once again, suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

becka2010 responded:
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barbiedoll58 replied to becka2010's response:
please, what is Limu...?

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