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got hypothyroid and think i have fibro
caleb28525 posted:
I have had hypothyriodism since 2010 and starting in May i started having all sorts of troubles including fluid around the heart and in lungs and now I am suffering with severe pain all over my body in neck, shoulders, and knees and calves. I have bad nausea and coughing and all xrays show no signs of fluid or inflammation but something is wrong. My voice started getting hoarse and now I can barely speak but have no sore throat or infection to contribute to lossing voice. My primary is sending me to UNC in chapel hill rheumatology dept and I believe I have fibromyalgia. I am taking Alieve, aspirin for pain and to try and help inflamation but they do not work. Any suggestions or help to bring info to the doctor would be greatly appreciated and also any home remedies or something over the counter that would work. I can barely walk on most days and other days i am not in pain I am nauseas.
pocotaz responded:
Caleb....the thyroid issue may be the reason for your voice's very hard to determine of it's the thyroid or fibro because Fibro actually can mimic many of the thyroid symptoms...have you had complete thyroid blood work done ...and I would also recommend getting in to see a Reumatologist to determine if you do have fibro...they rule out many things and do a pressure test to be able to diagnose ...I have both but have had thyroid issues for well over 20 years...just Dx'd with firbo 8 years ago....after I had an operation on my lower back...I hope you can get answers...

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